Saturday, September 29, 2007

EPW Russian Roulette

Better late than never with this review!

EPW Russian Roulette

In the tradition of this event having a wild swerve at the end, apparent rivals Ice Tre and Sean Stevens joined up, with Tre helping Trip capture the EPW Title. This isn't on the level of Dis, but hey, what can be? Still very much an entertaining read, and appropriately ended too, seeing that Tre and Trip were pretty much all over the show. The match itself was MOTY quality, even though I thought the finisher-palooza towards the end was a bit over the top.

I also particularly liked the IC title match and the finish after that. I'm intrigued to see where Karl and Amy are taking this angle. I have to admit I wasn't really crazy interested in it before, but now, they're actually doing things other than talking, so maybe we'll see something go down in the build to the next PPV. Beau/Anarky was pretty entertaining too, as were the other matches, including my match. I don't want to comment on that one anymore than I am though, because I might give away angle details.

I'd also like to say that I marked out pretty hard for the return of Olvir Arsvinnar. I'm glad to see the pornographic viking make his way to EPW, but at the same time, I hope Strawsma doesn't burn himself out. He's handling three different entities in the same fed, and all of them are performing at a high clip right now. It'd be a shame to see any one of his characters suffer because of overwork. I know how hard it is to do three characters in a fed, since I handled three in A1E for a bit, and maybe even in MBE too. Still, I have high hopes.

All in all a good show, but then again, you come to expect this from EPW on the PPV stage.

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theThird said...

have Tre and Trip joined forces?

or was there some OTHER motivation behind Tre aiding his nemesis in that World Title match?

... go w/ the latter ;)

later, and i truly appreciate the honoable mention ifor "WotM"!

- Paul