Thursday, September 06, 2007

August's Wrestler of the Month

No, I'm not dead. Just been busy and a bit under the weather lately.

Anyway, August's Wrestler of the Month is none other than Lindsay Troy! For the second time this year, she takes home the honors due to her dominating performance in PRIME thus far. She successfully defended the Universal Championship at Colossus IV against Sonny Silver among her other accolades, plus she bested Dusk in the Dupree Cup first week. Congrats again, Lindsay!

This month's runner up is Ravager, for leading his team NAPW against the Crimes at Complete Control II. Ravager scored the pinfall against Rex Caliber, apparently ending the Nexus One's NAPW career.

Honorable Mentions - Lowell Dot Com (OWW), Tsunami Oni (OWW), Jeff Garvin (NAPW), Jason Payne (TEAM Events), Kin Hiroshi (TEAM Events)

Previous Winners
January: Dan Ryan (A1E, NFW)
February: Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events)
March: Nova (NFW, PRIME)
April: Dan Ryan (2) (A1E, NEW, TEAM Events)
May: Big Dog (A1E)
June: Lindsay Troy (PRIME, EPW, NFW, TEAM Events)
July: Nova (2) (PRIME, TEAM Events, NFW)

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