Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Kumquats, Part 1

The first of a fifty-five part series...

...or not. No Katz, no posts about kumquats and their effect on eW, but I will take this opportunity to do some random news and notes.

- First on the list, MBE has made the jump from A1 to FW. I think this is a good move, since there's a broader handler base at FW and because FW is an e-fed site while A1 is more a hodgepodge. Yes, FW guys have come over, Shinder and Strawsma being the most recent examples, but they lean towards going to A1E over MBE.

Still, I encourage everyone looking for a fed to try MBE out. You'll be getting in on the ground floor of the current reboot, and you'll definitely be in good hands. With Jeff Paternostro at the helm, you know it's going to be good.

- Next up, a new addition to the blogring: The Dragon's Eye, written by Karl Brown. Check it out. He only has one entry up so far, but I'm sure he's got many more where that came from.

- Finally, a little self-promotion. After the ToC wraps up, the next big thing for TEAM will be SuperShow VI: Lethal Lottery, and just like the name suggests, we'll be instituting a Lethal Lottery Championship. To decide the titles, we'll have a tag team gauntlet match where all the teams are randomly drawn, and then after that, the winners of that match will take on randomly-drawn teams at each sucessive SuperShow. It's my way of spinning tag team wrestling for TEAM without doing the same ol'-same ol'. So please consider it if you're into tag team wrestling and random pairings.

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