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Half-Year Awards

Yep, they're back again. I'm not going to go as in-depth into each category as I would for the Year-Ends this time around, so I think we're just going to see a top-5 listing for Handler, Wrestler and Fed.

Handler of the Half-Year

Fifth Place - Phil Banet (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events; Big Dog, Richard Farnswirth)

Phil has struck gold in both the in-character and out-of-character sides of things. In character, he's taken Big Dog back to the top after four years away, and he's also part of two hot tag teams, one with Dan Ryan as Dog and one with Adam Benjamin as Richard Farnswirth. OOC, he's doing a bang-up job on the A1E BC and serves as an ambassador to the FW world. It's all too easy to forget Phil with the hot new commodities coming around frequently, but in an age where the flavor of the week reigns supreme even if they don't stick around that often, the guy who works consistently needs recognition too.

Fourth Place - Ryan Murray (FUSE, PRIME, PTC Events; Clinton Sage, Bastille)

Whoever thought that Ryan would ever settle down into fed life? After tournament sniping for as long as most of us can remember, he went back into the rigors of regular fedding and picked up FUSE and PRIME at the beginning of the year. His PRIME run didn't turn out so great, but FUSE got itself a whopper of a main event talent. He's taken flight in a big way there, making the main event one of the hottest in all eW, and he's also done some big things in the interfed, including the Global Championship.

Third Place - Matt Ward (PRIME, TEAM Events; Tchu)

When Mat Waters made the announcement that he was going to step down from the reigns of PRIME only a few days after taking them up, it might have spelled death for last year's Fed of the Year if not for Matt. A guy who's as PRIME as PRIME can be stepped up to keep the fed from closing in on itself, keeping the biggest collection of talent this side of PCW open for another day. His in-character accomplishments are nothing to sneeze at either, as he won the Dual Halo and is competing at a very high level in the Tournament of Champions.

Second Place - Dave Brunk (EPW, A1E, MBE, NFW, NEW, EUWC, WFW, TEAM Events; Dan Ryan, Jeffrey Roberts)

Really, how can you argue with his resumè? He won a World Title in A1E, tag titles in EUWC and A1E, won the TEAM Invitational Tournament and most importantly, is helping out several promotions getting off the ground, be it with his "star power" in Dan Ryan with the tag division in NEW, or a new character in a fed trying to build from the ground up with new faces in MBE. He's always willing to help out others as well, and in his spare time, he runs EPW ;)

Handler of the Half-Year - Lindz (EPW, PRIME, NFW, GCW, TEAM Events, PTC Events; Lindsay Troy)

Lindz snags this award more for her OOC work than IC work, and that's saying something seeing that she's snagged the TEAM Championship of Champions and the PRIME Universal Championship in the first six months of this year, making her the first character to hold titles in both PTC and FW feds. OOC, she's done a lot to help promote EPW, she's helped in judging both major TEAM tournaments so far and she's part of the glue that holds PRIME's backstage together. There's no question in my mind that she's the Handler of the Half-Year as it stands right now.

Honorable Mentions - Mike Dove (NFW, EPW, TEAM Events; Kin Hiroshi), Darryl the Canadian (PRIME; Killean Sirrajin), Jarret Aubry (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events; Beast), Dan West (A1E, EPW, NFW, FUSE, TEAM Events; The Spoiler, Chip Friendly, Professor Tremendous, Steve Watson, Joe Retro), Jon Katz (NFW; Mike Randalls, Craig Miles), Pete Russo (NFW; Eli Flair, Poison Ivy), Jeff Paternostro (NFW, MBE, TEAM Events; Yori Yakamo, Jr., the Sheffield Wednesday Lot), Andy Hewitt (XUW, PTC Events; Dr. Curiosity), Ben Morrow (XUW, PTC Events; Rook Black, The Über Judge, administrative stuff), Integer Chris (PRIME; Devin Shakur)

Wrestler of the Half-Year

Fifth Place - Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events)

In his first six months in FUSE, Sage is a two-time Universal Champion and he's also defending his title every week, something that most Champions would rather not do. He's also on record as the last ever PTC Global Champion. Fine six months for Sage indeed.

Fourth Place - Ravager (NAPW, TEAM Events)

If Sage gets brownie points for his weekly defenses, Ravager should get the entire dessert tray. He's spent the entire year as NAPW World Champion, working on nine successful title defenses. To compare, the most any NAPW World Champion has had before him was three, and he passes Chris Casino's run with seven defenses of his Pure Championship. He's also had a hell of a run in TEAM, winning the Challenge Championship and running with the ball. Don't sleep on him in the ToC either.

Third Place - Lindsay Troy (PRIME, EPW, NFW, GCW, TEAM Events)

Three World Championships simultaneously, perhaps the most talked-about superstar in either circuit and one of the most well-respected characters in the game today. No doubt Troy deserves to enter any conversation for Wrestler of the Year/Half-Year for her contributions thus far.

Second Place - Nova (PRIME, NFW, TEAM Events, PTC Events)

He started the year as Universal Champion and fended off all comers until Troy knocked him off. HE then got his win back, although not his title, in the FU/AFUC War Games match at Overkill. If that wasn't enough, he is the last man standing in the NFW season format, quickly cementing his legacy "over here" too. He's having a good run in the ToC so far as well.

Wrestler of the Half-Year - Dan Ryan (A1E, EPW, NEW, NFW, WFW, EUWC, TEAM Events)

He's got a ridiculous amount of hardware, a ton of great wins and feuds this year, and he's shown the ability to dominate and to win the squeakers. All for a guy that people thought was losing it or at the stage of his career where he should be putting people over. Ryan's still got it in spades, and any fed that has this character in it is doing well.

Honorable Mentions - Kin Hiroshi (NFW, EPW, TEAM Events), Jason Snow (PRIME, PTC Events), Rex Caliber (NAPW, Rebel-Pro, TEAM Events), Big Dog (A1E, TEAM Events), Tchu (PRIME, TEAM Events), Ulysis Solian (LoC, TEAM Events), Jason Payne (NFW, NEW, TEAM Events), Felix Red (NFW, TEAM Events), Yori Yakamo, Jr. (MBE, NFW, TEAM Events), John Covel (FUSE, PTC Events)

Match of the Half-Year (as-written)

Craig Miles vs. Eddie Mayfield, WrestleBowl 2, Night 1

The ultimate swerve, a whole season's worth of ruse, and a lot of hardcore bloodshed and intense action to precede it. Once again, Katz and JN work their magic and create something for the ages, something to do the blowoff to their angle justice.

Honorable Mentions - 2007 Dual Halo (PRIME, Culture Shock), Yori Yakamo, Jr. vs. Nova - ULTRATITLE Finals (NFW, WrestleBowl 2, Night 2), David Banks and Lloyd Rees (c) vs. Sebastien Martyr and Chris Casino - Tagstravaganza Final Match for the NAPW Tag Team Championships (NAPW, Tagstravaganza II)

Match of the Half-Year (as-RPed)

Kin Hiroshi vs. Stalker, EPW/NEW Wrestlestock

What started out as a throwaway match turned into something intense and hotly contested. Spontaneity always wins over with me.

Honorable Mentions - 2007 Dual Halo (PRIME, Culture Shock), Kin Hiroshi vs. Felix Red (c) vs. Mittens T. Cat vs. Jason Payne - NFW World Championship matches(NFW, WrestleBowl 2 across both nights), Lindsay Troy vs. Nova (c) - PRIME Universal Championship Match (PRIME, ReV 129)

Card of the Half-Year

NFW WrestleBowl, Night 1

I thought Night 1 was a lot crisper than night 2 and the matches were for the most part better. Of course, the swerve of the year doesn't hurt things either, and Hiroshi's title win was a genuine feel-good moment.

Honorable Mentions - PRIME Overkill, A1E Vengeance, NAPW Tagstravaganza 2

Tag Team of the Half-Year

Big Dog and Dan Ryan (A1E)

They may not have had a ton of Tag Title defenses with the tournament ongoing, but their angle and the fact that they've both held the World Championship while still remaining the Tag Champs is something.

Honorable Mentions - Lindsay Troy and Danny Ferguson (PRIME), The Proletariat (EPW), Aimz and Darcy Crisis (FUSE)

Stable of the Half-Year

The New Crimes (NAPW, Rebel-Pro)

Strong heel faction spanning across two promotions. They show everyone how it's done. Another down year for stables.

Honorable Mentions - FUCK YOU! (PRIME), Anti-FUCK YOU! Coalition (PRIME), The Establishment (GCW)

Rookie Character of the Half-Year

Umm... think I'll pass on this one for now because I can't think of any.

Breakout Wrestler of the Half-Year

Kin Hiroshi (NFW, EPW, TEAM Events)

Hard to call him a break-out since he's been around and been highly touted for so long, but he won his first World Championship this year, and he may win a few more before the year is out.

Honorable Mentions - Bryan Mayhem (GCW), Dusk (PRIME), Fusenshoff (PSSPW, MBE, TEAM events)

Comeback Wrestler of the Half-Year

The Canadian Loonie (TEAM Events)

Loonie came out of virtually nowhere to make the Elite Eight of the TEAM Invitational Tournament. Having been retired for four years and making that impact, well, I'd call that a comeback.

Honorable Mentions - Tom Walczak (PRIME), Big Dog (A1E, TEAM Events), Rex Caliber (NAPW, Rebel-Pro, TEAM Events)

Angle of the Half-Year AND Moment of the Half-Year

Miles and Mayfield swerve us all (NFW)

Yep, this is pretty much the biggest thing I can think of to happen this year.

Angle Honorable Mentions - The ongoing drama in NEW surrounding the main event scene (NEW, obviously), Devin Shakur - Communist of Love (PRIME), Kin Hiroshi - Zombie or not? (NFW)

Moment Honorable Mentions - FUCK YOU! disbands and attacks Nova (PRIME), Dan Ryan wins the Pier Six (A1E), Sonny Silver turns on Lindsay Troy (PRIME)

Feud of the Half-Year

FUCK YOU! vs. the Anti-FUCK YOU! Coalition

It had its bumps, but it carried PRIME's upper-card and provided plenty of good reading.

Honorable Mentions - Clinton Sage vs. Jacob McKail vs. John Covel (FUSE), Eddie Mayfield vs. Craig Miles (NFW), Kin Hiroshi vs. Felix Red (NFW)

Face of the Half-Year

Kin Hiroshi (NFW, EPW, TEAM Events)

Kin has been the ultimate underdog face, mostly in NFW, battling the nefarious forces of Felix Red and Katz's drug habits :p

Honorable Mentions - James Irish (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events), Ravager (NAPW, TEAM Events), Lindsay Troy (EPW, PRIME, NFW, GCW, TEAM Events)

Heel of the Half-Year

Craig Miles (NFW)

Sure, I could give it to both Miles and Mayfield, but Mayfield you could see doing that stuff. Well, you could with Miles too, but he was leaning his character to the face side, and Katz really made you believe he would stay as the fan-favorite.

Honorable Mentions - Felix Red (NFW), Eddie Mayfield (NFW), Sonny Silver (PRIME, PTC Events, TEAM Events)

Fed of the Half-Year

Fifth Place - Rebel-Pro

NAPW's sister fed is doing well for itself on its own. A great collection of new and established talent that will grow more before the year's out.

Fourth Place - PRIME

The fed of the year last year gets knocked back a few pegs, mainly because the under-to-mid card has suffered a bit, IMO. There are great characters there, but I feel like they have too many segments that are too emo. The main event is great though.

Third Place - NAPW

They "survived" their split with Rebel-Pro and still come out smelling like roses. Great cardwriting and superb talent gives them the third spot here.

Second Place - EPW

They're active by FW standards, and they've been putting out some really, really good shows. King of the Cage has been a great success for them, and like always, they're getting people from across the board to come in.

Fed of the Half-Year - NFW

NFW holds the top spot after six months, wrapping up their playoffs and season format to a resounding success. Each of their cards from the New Year on have been superb, and the future's looking even brighter after the reboot. Katz is really running a fine ship here.

Honorable Mentions - A1E, FUSE, GCW, NEW, XUW


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