Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WrestleBowl 2, Night 1

NFW posted WrestleBowl 2, Night One after a long wait, and after an even longer wait, I review it!


Well, after reading the card, I can understand why people who’ve been following the fed for the last two-three years might be a little peeved. The cornerstone feud of the West, Craig Miles and Eddie Mayfield, and it’s resolved in a bait and switch. No one said I quit, and instead, they beat the crap out of each other for ninety minutes just to reunite. At the very best, it didn’t make sense for them to destroy each other like that just to swerve the entire world and exact revenge on Anne Mystic, right?

Well, I don’t think so. I thought it was BRILLIANT. Sure, this is the kind of ending that I might have panned if the WWE did it, but then again, when the WWE pulls off these kinds of swerves, they’re usually so ham-handed that the whole ordeal leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. This one though, sure, I’d have to say that initially, I was a bit baffled as to why Miles and Mayfield would pull a ruse such as this, but then I thought about it a little more. What would be the most dick ending you could come up with, the one that would establish both men as super-heels after the match? You play the whole thing as a ruse, that the Professionals never really broke up, and you piss everyone off. I mean, Craig Miles is the Dean of Thermodynamics at the Professional Heel Academy. Do you think he’d really pass up the opportunity to make everyone think he was going face and then pull the ultimate heel move? Hell no. This whole feud is the ultimate case study for how to piss off fans and faces alike.

Think about it though. Was there any real reason why Mayfield should have hated Miles with the white hot intensity that he claimed to when he revealed himself? He wasn’t invited to participate in NFW, and Miles had the PHA, which Mayfield saw as a rip of his own persona. Okay, so I could see the bad blood, but it doesn’t strike me as something to want to kill someone over. The swerve wasn’t immediately obvious, but it still seemed like something weak to build a feud over.

This payoff though, it pretty much sets up a million different angles for people if they are sticking around. It gives Eli Flair a reason to come out of retirement. It gives Sean Stevens a reason to come into NFW, since his main squeeze Poison Ivy was played for a fool. Tom Adler was treated as a pawn in the game. Troy Windham too. Hell, nearly everyone in the West had a stake in the Miles/Mayfield war. There are so many options for 3.0 that come from this match, and really, whose heat was damaged? Before anyone starts making comparisons, this nowhere comes close to warranting the outrage of All-Star Week in Season 1, and even so, Katz has shown that he had a direction from that so-called debacle.

The only thing that I feel detracts from this is that the Sopranos had a similar “WTF?!” ending, a sort of confusing ending that had the potential to polarize everyone. The only thing is, for as long as Katz and JAMMMAAARRRRR~! *shakes fist* have been planning this, there’s no way that they saw the end of that show and said, “Hey, let’s do something similar.” Besides, Katz has probably been writing that match longer than he even cared to realize the Sopranos was coming to an end.

But that’s enough about that. The rest of the show...

First off, hats off to Mike Dove for winning the NFW World Championship with Kin Hiroshi. Like I said before, long overdue, although he has a tough test Night Two against Jason Payne and Mittens T. Cat. Not out of the woods yet. The match was well-written too, two MOTY candidates to close the show. Night Two has a hard act to follow. I also hope that the finish of the match doesn’t mean Felix Red is really “dead.” He’s such a part of NFW right now, it’d be a shame to see him go for now. If I did have one criticism of the match, it’s the announcers. Even in the hands of a capable writer, I’m less than enamored to read Paul Shiro. The Mad Hatter’s okay in the hands of someone familiar with the style that he should be written in, but once again, after you read Hollywood and O’Connor as written by someone like Katz, Jamar or someone else who really gets them, it’s a definite difference. I don’t think they took away from the match all that much, but I guess my distaste writing for them (I actually stopped writing NFW East matches because I hated doing that announce team) does take away from enjoying them as written by someone else.

The Tag Team situation is very interesting. Once again, controversial decision to end the match with the Tag Titles on NPCs (which is how I understand the Original ShowStoppers as being right now), but it does set up a hot situation with the Cameron Cruise Project, the Blue Rogues and the new Gethard team (at least I hope Gethard is handling them). Hopefully, Bobby Nickens’ new team can step up too. I may even make a foray into the tag realm as well.

The Monkey match was what it was, absurd filler. Really, with the combination of Dan’s genius as Professor Tremendous and Katz’s insanity, this should have been expected. Yes, it’s totally unbelievable, not grounded in reality, but who cares. It’s comic relief done by master handlers, and it delivered exactly what it should have, laughs and plenty of them. Also, the Beau/Ryan stuff established what it had to establish from that feud.

One more thing, I’m glad to see that Eli Flair had a proper send-off. With the super competitive nature of eW and RP feds, it’s pretty rare to see impromptu matches on the card like that. Big ups to both Pete and Brunk for delivering an unexpected twist and another match to look forward to on Night Two.

All in all, a great show. Hopefully Night Two packs as much of a punch or more, but then again, you have Yori and Nova. I somehow doubt that Katz is going to shortchange that match.


Anonymous said...

LOL -- I didn't even know people were peeved. <.<

That being said. . .

Taking the time to read all of an NFW PPV is what it is. . . and for that I thank you WHOLEHEARTEDLY to begin with considering this was the first 100 something pages of a two-night event. I know things took awhile to get posted, and the Miles/Mayfield match was insanely long. . . but this PPV is the closing of the 'season' concept and everything that's led up to that point. So, its 2.0's Deuteronomy and considering the success we've had regardless of those peeved, I want to go out with a bang.

I think you really got the hammer over the nail with how you're looking at Miles and Mayfield. JN and myself have reserved 3-5 pages of the upcoming show to explain as much as we can without people falling asleep. :P

Hopefully, that'll help drive the nail into the wooden board and not only explain the vantage point of the Pros, but also Miles as the owner of NFW. I don't think its going to drag Eli and Ivy out of retirement, but TW has already contacted me about bringing in the <> Cutters. :) Part of the moment is to let people stew and boil into the next show, where they really try and piss off certain folks.

Mainly, I tried to push in the matches I wrote that there was a foundation and future for tag team wrestling in NFW. The Pros and OSS are the old of it, the other teams starting to trickle in are the new. . .

The Original Showstoppers are Gethard's (not sure about the Squad yet) and he *DID* RP for this show, if he returns...they were the last champs, and I'm giving him the honor. I'm crossing my fingers very tightly 'cause I think his work with them puts anything he's ever done to bed.

Add in Renner with the Rogues, Bobby's team, TW's team. . . and that's just the start. I'm excited about that alot.

I'm also very excited about the NFW World Championship, and that title being one of the biggest belts that Hiroshi's worn since the old EWI/SSN days. I'm not going to say its the biggest out of respect for any other feds that Kin's been in, but I definitely feeled he's earned his moment in the sun. Dove especially has stuck with NFW not only during the good times, but very bad times in the hobby and his personal life. He's always been happy to put anyone over, or put over any story and its helped develop Kin into a lovable hero a la Whipwreck vs. The Sandman or Steve Austin. :)


-Dan Ryan vs. Eli Flair -- Here are two guys that have had alot of highs and lows when it comes to being in the fed, the lows being mostly my fault and the highs being a product of their motivation. Regardless, I think its awesome that this is happening and I'd like to thank both for sticking through everything in the fed. :)

-Yori vs. Nova -- will hit 6 of the 10 stipulations on the wheel, and probably piss people off in the middle section of it when it has nothing to do with wrestling. That being said. . . its going to eclipse Miles/Mayfield in length and suspension of disbelief by one-million fold. The middle section is basically the story of the One Dildo, since neither finished their RP series and left me to my own devices. (big uh-oh there!) Jeff already told me he's not reading it. hehehe

-Paul Shiro/The Mad Hatter -- I think they work with McNichols more than myself 'cause our styles are suited to our own creations. Shiro will be staying around, but I'm actually planning on mixing things up PBP wise for 3.0

-Felix Red is nowhere near dead. >:)

That's all for now. . .I'd say Night 2 is 80-85% done. Hoping to get it out by Sunday. :)--~~~~


Bobby said...

I can assure you, I plan to do my very best with my new tag team. Even since I saw Hoyt during his debut in PRIME, I've been inspired with a million ideas. Plus here in south Louisiana I am very familiar with crocked televangelist. =p

So hopefully I can do something cool with them and really make an impact in Season 3 that I felt I severely lacked with Guy Boudreaux.

Joe said...

stop spoiling the sopranos, dick.

Chris said...

"Heels will be studying for millenia."

Whoever said that summed up the Mayfield/Miles match for me pretty well.

Another great write-up, Tom. Show Night Two the same love, k?