Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Damn, I'm a dynamo today with the show reviews :)

PRIME presents OverKill!

Much like WrestleBowl, OverKill had a nice end swerve, with FUCK YOU! turning on Nova. It was implied that they were wailing on Nova because Tchu ransomed the Golden Ticket for the destruction of the stable, although it's interesting to see what the new, streamlined version of that group is going to say in reaction at ReV 131. It's a good end-swerve for different reasons than WBIIN1, but still, a jaw-dropper no less. I'm wondering though if the injury angle with Sonny means Seth is going on the DL. I hope not, because he's pretty much my favorite part of the fed right now. I'm also pretty interested to see what happens with Nova, seeing that he virtually burned his bridges with Troy and Tchu, and FU! doesn't want him anymore. Should be good times for the PRIME uppercard.

The other notable surprise was the return of the Illustrious Face-Eater and his reuniion with Mike Wade. The Unfuckables were pretty much the most dominant pairing in AWC history, and it'll be interesting to see what they can do in PRIME. I have to think something's going to happen between Tchu and Facey from that segment where Facey revealed his return, but I think the meat of matters is going to be between Facey and Jack Murphy. Hopefully I can get off my ass and make a nice tag match happen at Colossus IV between the Unfuckables and SullyMurph Enterprises. That would be very nice.

The rest of the show was decent. Matches were good, not spectacular, but not bad either. Could have done without some of the longish segments. It's a PPV folks, focus on payoffs and matches.

Also, Killean, you'll be missed. Sad to see the character ride off into the sunset, but I'm sure Darryl isn't through with eW just yet. Maybe he's got another character idea cooking, maybe he doesn't. Still though, Killean Sirrajin was one of the great eW characters of all-time, and I feel like he's underrated outside of PRIME.

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