Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April's Wrestler of the Month

I had a very hard time trying to decide this month's honor, mostly because there wasn't a lot going on outside of interfed events. I had to look long and hard at two candidates, and I ultimately decided to award a previous winner, "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan. He made it all the way to the TEAM Invitational Tournament Finals, and he's making headway, along with Lindsay Troy, in the NEW Tag Team Tournament. The biggie though, is his A1E World Championship win. I know that happened in March, but it happened after I announced the March WotM, and because of that, I'm counting Sudden Death in Blog-month April. So congratulations to Dan Ryan, keeping up the tradition Facey started last year of there being a two-time winner of this award each year.

The runner up goes to Jason Snow, who is a two time runner up. Who did he lose out to last time? Dan Ryan. When it rains, it pours, folks. Snow is here because he unified the PTC Global and Extreme Championships. His inactivity in any single fed costs him here, but folks, if he ever gets going in PRIME, he may take home a few of these honors.

Honorable Mentions
Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events), Ulysis Solian (LoC, A1E, TEAM Events), Rex Caliber (Rebel-Pro), Jason Payne (TEAM Events), Lindsay Troy (PRIME, EPW, NEW, TEAM Events), "Triple X" Sean Stevens (EPW), Ravager (NAPW, TEAM Events), Shawn Hart (NEW, EPW, A1E, LoC, TEAM Events), Rocko Daymon (A1E, EPW, NEW, TEAM Events), Tchu (PRIME)

2007 Winners
January: Dan Ryan (NFW, A1E)
February: Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events)
March: Nova (NFW, PRIME)

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