Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ultimate MBE: Sweet Sixteen!

I'm really sorry about delaying this. I sent some queries to Jeff but he got busy and never got back to me. I'll just leave the entries for "Real Life Counterpart" that I can't think of, and then maybe someone can fill them in for me. Here are the second round results:

Spoiler d. LB
James Irish d. FATSEXY
Housefly d. Promo
Andrew Gilkison d. Freakshow
Maggot d. Aussie B
Webweaver d. Jack Gilkison
Professor Tremendous d. Meatbag
Mango d. El Tremendo
Freakfish d. dumi
Duchess d. IrishRed
BobbyR d. Justin Evitable
Paco the Wetback d. Mr. Cable Access Television
Hida Yakamo d. The Great yamada
Mr. Amazing d. Docawesome
PILE d. Sweet Jesus Funk
The Canadian Loonie d. WhiteNoise

And now, the matchups!

High Stakes Bracket

Spoiler (1) vs. James Irish (4)

Spoiler's Real Life Counterpart: Undertaker - Both characters have a mythic aura about them, even with the differences in what kind of mythic is it. They're both big-man workers who don't always work like big men. Both are also multiple time World Champions in their feds and are looked on as first-ballot HOFers.

James's Real Life Counterpart: Mick Foley - It hasn't changed from his U-A1E description, folks :p For the benefit of those who've forgotten: "The clown prince of A1E is very reminiscent of Mick Foley and his Corporate Mankind hijinx. Foley's first World Title win was long overdue, and so's James'."

Housefly (2) vs. Andrew Gilkison (4)

Ha, this match has happened about a million times in A1E.

Fly's Real Life Counterpart: Chris Benoit - Nope, hasn't changed from his U-A1E description either. "They're both smallish, great technical wrestlers. As faces, they make great underdogs, and no matter what affiliation, they're credible Champions."

Andy's Real Life Counterpart: Lance Storm - Another repeat. Srsly. "To invert Andy's A1 sig a bit... Not a great gimmick, but one hell of a worker."

Wednesday Night Warriors Bracket

Maggot (1) vs. Webweaver (4)

Maggot's Real Life Counterpart: The Sandman - Both are hardcore icons, pain sponges and alcoholics. Both are also iconic World Champions for their respective feds.

Webweaver's Real Life Counterpart: Raven - Though their ring styles are dissimilar, both men are masters of manipulation. They're both grungy in nature as well.

Professor Tremendous (2) vs. Mango (3)

ProfT's Real Life Counterpart:

Mango's Real Life Counterpart:

Lord of the Boards Bracket

Freakfish (1) vs. Duchess (5)

FF's Real Life Counterpart: Ric Flair - They both are masters of the promo and love to live the high life. FF is a more complex worker, and Flair won more World Championships, but they're more similar than not.

Duchess' Real Life Counterpart:

BobbyR (2) vs. Paco the Wetback (3)

BobbyR's Real Life Counterpart: Diamond Dallas Page - Both of them came on later in life, they're both from New Jersey and they both have mastered the Diamond Cutter.

Paco's Real Life Counterpart:

Total Elimination Bracket

Hida Yakamo (1) vs. Mr. Amazing! (4)

Hida's Real Life Counterpart:

Mr. A!'s Real Life Counterpart: Curt Hennig/Mr. Perfect - Both men are considered among the best in their circles to have never won a major World Championship. They're both technical marvels, and both their gimmicks are predicated upon them being THAT much better than the rest of the competition.

PILE (2) vs. The Canadian Loonie (3)

PILE's Real Life Counterpart: Brock Lesnar - Both were great physical specimens with terrific workrates. Both men also had a high peak that came fast with a rapid disappearance afterwards. PILE has Lesnar on the stick, but other than that, it's an almost perfect match.

Loonie's Real Life Counterpart:


AndrewGilkison said...

I'd like to say (and maybe I am in denial about it) that the only thing my character has in common with Storm is that we both have short hair and the same type of tights.

But my wrestling style is more like Taz/Beniot, while my promo style is probably like Steve Austin due to all the cussing I do. I am basically me pumped way up.

[b]Maggot (1) vs. Webweaver (4)[/b]

Maggot clearly reached greater hights than Web ever could. Maggot wins.

[b]Professor Tremendous (2) vs. Mango (3)[/b]

Mango was a great character, but Professor Tremendous was probably the greatest heel in MBE history. He beats Mango to advance.

[b]Freakfish (1) vs. Duchess (5)[/b]

Freakfish being compared to Flair is about right. No offense to Duchess, but you lose here for that reason.

[b]BobbyR (2) vs. Paco the Wetback (3)[/b]

Tight match here, but I think I got to give it to Bobby in a squeaker, just for staying with MBE longer than even I did.

[b]Hida Yakamo (1) vs. Mr. Amazing! (4)[/b]

Goddamn, this would be magic. But as much as I love Mr. A, Hida was my toughest opponent ever, and his World title win bumps him up a notch.

[b]PILE (2) vs. The Canadian Loonie (3)[/b]

PILE had a greater impact on the federation, while Loonie was a flash in the pan for the most part. Giving it to PILE.

Dan West said...

I am going to vote here, I swear. As soon as I have the time.

Thanks for keeping this going, Tom. It's just been a difficult week for me and internetting time.