Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shillings and such

Some new feds, some new projects, some pimpings and everything else that's good in the world of endless promotion. First though, I haven't forgotten about the WrestleVerse review or the Ultimate MBE Tournament. This weekend, I should have stuff up. I've just been swamped with TEAM stuff and RPing for PRIME (both the Dual Halo and the Tag Championship match), so hopefully, we'll have some goodness going.

As for TEAM, tonight, we find out who the other eight wrestlers are who made it to the Sweet Sixteen. I'm personally excited to write the results, and I think now, things will kick into high gear. Remember to make make predictions and leave feedback, both for the last EPICENTER writeup (for which I've gotten none so far =[) and for the RPs.

Onto more important things...

- Rebel-Pro Wrestling is the newest "e-fed indie" on the block. It's based out of North Carolina, and if you recognize names off the roster right away as being from NAPW, don't be alarmed. It's the Alberta indie's sister fed. Brion (Chris Casino's handler) is the booker here, and I believe it's his first foray into fedheading, so wish him luck. This also spells a change in NAPW schedule from weekly to a more "indie" feel, running shows here and there like an ROH. I'm intrigued by the switch-around, and hopefully neither fed will suffer from it.

- Next up is a new FW fed, Premier Championship Wrestling. This is the brainchild of Al Larcher, the man who has brought us the Williams family and lots of good, fun eW radio shenanigans. This is only a temporary name, since Al has found a real life fed with the same name, but the premise will remain the same; indie-styled wrestling in and around the Chicago area. A lot of eW indies popping up nowadays, eh? I actually like that trend, seeing that national is a) overdone, and b) unrealistic in the vein that you don't just start up a company and expect it to be national overnight. But as I did when Al was kicking around this idea at PTC, I'm giving this fed the E-fed Blog Seal of Approval.

- I was remiss not to tell you guys about this fed when I told you about the forums it's related to, Wrestling 3:16. World Wrestling Revolution is the anchor behind W3:16, and it's taking the NFW hybrid approach. However, the way Aidan/Al explained things, this is going to be a "game-driven" approach. Not sure what that means exactly, but I'm willing to observe for myself.

- If you haven't heard by now, PTC is combining the Global and Extreme Championships into one title. Normally, I don't like the condensation of titles unless necessary, but I think this is necessary. Wrestling interest is on a downswing, and the title divisions as they were were not conducive to getting out multiple defenses in a year. They rearranged the divisions (now just division), appointed Ben "Pants" Morrow as the head, and they'll just worry about one title. Hopefully, they'll make the rounds in each PTC fed at least once every six months and have a few I-fed events so that this title becomes a dynamo. I am a bit leery on the match though. It's too big, in my opinion. You have each Champion (Global Champ Clinton Sage and Extreme Champ Dusk) plus Jason Snow (as GTT6 Champion) plus the IG Champion at the time (whoever that is) PLUS fed representatives from XUW, WWA, Global and GCW. That's eight people, about five or six too many. I'd rather see one big unification match between Dusk and Sage and then have the rest of the competitors in the match receive their shots. Snow first, unless he's unable to do it because of real life concerns (which I think is the case right now), then you go into the fed reps. That's just me though, and either way, I think this match should be a great success.

- One bit of sad news, ENN is going to be closing. Brian Jenkins announced it this week, and I think it's a shame. I know that there wasn't a lot of activity there, but that's across the board on most eW hubs anyway. I thought the news page was a good thing, plus the Ray Rosa shoots were a great idea that just never took off. I thought maybe that ToC '07 might have provided a spark, (now that TEAM has taken off a little more) but I guess this is for the best. Fare thee well, ENN. You had a good run while you lasted.

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