Friday, March 30, 2007

March's Wrestler of the Month

No, I'm not dead. Just really busy, both with real-life and eW stuff. I can't forget the Wrestler of the Month, and this month, the award goes to Nova! Nova won the NFW Western Conference, and he retained his PRIME Universal Championship at Culture Shock. Congratulations are in order for the Rising/Risen Star!

The runner-up award goes to his opponent at WrestleBowl 2, Yori Yakamo, Jr.. He won the Eastern Conference and made it to the Sweet 16 of the TEAM Invitational Tournament.

Honorable Mention
Tchu (PRIME), Lindsay Troy (PRIME, EPW, NFW), Danny Ferguson (PRIME), Bruce Richards (NAPW), Simply Beautiful (NAPW, A1E, TEAM Events), Jason Payne (NFW, TEAM Events), Fusenshoff (MBE, TEAM Events), The Canadian Loonie (TEAM Events), Dan Ryan (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events), Ice Tre (EPW)

2007 Winners
January: Dan Ryan (NFW, A1E)
February: Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events)

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Anonymous said...

Woo! Congrats Chris!

...and mini-congrats to Jeff!

Now, if we can just get Holzerman to review a show for us again. ;)