Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Mish-Mash of Hodge-Podge

- It doesn't seem like a lot's happened since the last PPV, but EPW's WrestleVerse II is upon us. Despite the sort of minimalist feeling surrounding the PPV, there's a lot going down, specifically with the two main events. Firstly, we've got the ladder match between Lindsay Troy and Troy Windham(-Troy :p) to settle their feud once and for all, and a match between IrishRed and Dan Ryan with six months ownership of EPW on the line. Both come off the heels of hot angles, and I'm sure that EPW will do them justice. If the Home Fed on FWC has one strength above all else, it's execution of its angles from start to blowoff, and that usually means they nail the matches as well.

Some of the undercard may seem like it's a little thrown together (although the Tag Title match, Scott/Dahaka, Foxx/Ninja K and XXX/Bloodhunt have build behind them), but that doesn't mean the matches won't deliver. This card is stacked, and I feel it could be a late contender for show of the year this year, or early one for next year.

- In the wake of AWC's closing, much of the roster has dispersed amongst the feds of PTC. The two feds that have reaped the best windfall from the shutdown are PRIME and FUSE. FUSE was the first to debut a former Clubber when Mike Wade showed up on their most recent edition of KillZone. Wadey should be a fantastic addition to the roster, although it might have been nice to see him reunite with his former tag partner the Illustrious Face-Eater in PRIME. Still, PRIME can't snap up all the talent, and FUSE is a more than worthy home for Wade. Also going to FUSE are Andy Murray, Aimz and the last Transatlantic Champion ever, Darcy Crisis.

Of course, if you add all those names to the recent signings of Clinton Sage, Steve Watson, Johnny Lexicon (who made the jump before AWC closed) and some of these new guys who aren't "names," FUSE, with its already strong roster before the signings, suddenly becomes a major contender to PRIME.

And speaking of PRIME, going to PTC's Big Fish will be Jack Murphy, Garbage Bag Johnny, Pierce Lavelle, Chainz and of course, little old me with Captain Suleimon. PRIME's roster has also ballooned to about 35-40 right now. Usually, I'm a bit leery of feds with huge rosters, but I feel that the way Pete's running the ship right now, it's doable. It might be a bit unweildly, but it's definitely doable. Plus, you have to figure some people on the roster right now aren't going to stick around forever. It's eW folks; there's always going to be an equilibrium reached sooner or later.

- Finally, a little self-promotion. The 2nd Annual TEAM Invitational Tournament will be starting up sometime in January. I'm accepting entries into it as soon as right now. You can sign up here or on the FW Central forums in the TEAM forums. I'll create one specifically for signup later, but for now, check out this thread.

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