Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Guest Blogger II: It's Varga Time

Our next guest bloggings comes from the infamous James Varga, known to PTC as the Infinite Gauntlet's Gillberg and employer of more characters than myself, Dan West, Bill Dempsey, Gregg Gethard and Steve Thomas combined. He's taking a break from his e-fed hiatus to give us an insight on PTC and some comments towards one Axel Action. Are they shoot? Are they work? The world may never know! Anyway, here goes...

The Varga Voice
by James Varga, special guest blogger to RRoaEL

I bet all of you are wondering just what James Varga's been up to since he left the wrestling rings of the PTC. And now, for the ten of you out there who actually give a crap about me, here's the dirt as only I can say it.

I went to Hollywood. I am currently finishing up my first film as I type this. Now I bet a lot of you smarks out there are wondering just why in the hell would a fine specimen like myself join the ranks of the Hollywood elite? Well, it's simple really. Wrestling is fake and acting is just another part of the job.

But there's another reason I'm coming back. Throughout my career, I've had my disagreements with some limp dicks. And one of them is a man by the name of Axel Action. Action, listen to me and listen to me good. We have unfinished business, you see. Back in 2005, we were both up and coming in stars in the UWF. That's when our paths crossed and we had one of the greatest matche sin UWF history! At Live and Loud, I defeated you. Some of you may hate that fact, but it's damn well what happened.

The win was controversial, though. Two months later, I left the UWF in one of the most ugly and public incidents in that companies history. But something about what happened has been gnawing at me ever since. Someone came to me and told me that they believed that you should've won that match. The fact is Axel, we were both held back because we were different. We scared the Main Eventers. Well, actually, I pissed them off, but that's another story.

Axel, if you're reading this now, let me tell you what I have planned for you during your little match with Sledge. There is no way you are winning that match. It's impossible, so you can take this as a fact. I will not count the fall for you. You will lose, so you might as well not show up. And regardless of what happens, one thing is for sure: James Varga will kick your ass.

Now that I'm done talking about the UWF's version of Voldemort, now I can talk about the state of the PTC as a whole right now. I'm SO happy for the boys in GLOBAL. They are doing so great! How can you not love those guys? When I left with my Circus of Idiots, I told them to use my roster spots well. And boy have they ever! Pay particular attention to Alec Lancer and BloodAngel, who was a force in the NWC. Those guys are going to make an impact next year in the PTC.

I also can't believe how great PRIME is doing since the S-Man left. WOW! Great job all around guys. But what happened to GCW? They were so dominant earlier in the year and now they've fizzled out. And what happened to Rich Rollins? He lost early in the GTT tournament. Isn't it amazing how different a person can be from year to year? Maybe the competition is tougher this year, who knows? And Seymour lost TWICE in the tourney too! What the hell is going on?! That's almost as bad as me in the Gauntlet!

Two feds that don't get enough attention are the WWA and XUW. People can talk about the newer feds all they want, but these feds are steadily pacing themselves along and are quietly having good years. AWC, as always, is top notch and high class. That was such a fun place to work for. Maybe I'll talk TAN into coming back...or not. That would kill the buyrates, lol. Good memories of my times there. But what about the HSW? They don't get no respect. They have a great thing going there. Watch for them. And dont forget FUSE. Tigera is having a strong year there, but she was doing just as good in the UWF during her stint there, too. Hopefully she can keep the success going and not listen to the wrong people like she did when she was in the last federation I'm going to mention.

And lastly, the UWF is closing. How sad is that? For eight years its been around and then BAM! It's gone. I went through the same thing with the NWC back in 2004. As a special treat, I'm going to post my 10 favorite UWF matches of all time on the PTC Forums for all of you to see. Despite everything that went on there with me during my last week there, it was still a great place to work. At times, I still wonder what some people there meant when they said to me that the UWF had "diminished credibility?" That was before everything that happened. That still has me wondering what they meant by that, though. Anyway, the fact is, after FANdamonium, the UWF will be gone forever.

Guys like Jay Phoenix, Kenny Mercury, Jamie Shock, Misfit, Slasher, Luca the Imp, the Hollywood Bombshells, the Communist, Clyde, Killer Dude, Sledge, Nick Persia, Mike Montgomery, Pete the PG Tips Chimp, Chris Storm, Tessa Windsor, Foster Nackedy, Joshua Justice, Red Rock, Seymour Almasy, and Plague all busted their asses for that place while some people abused the system and used manipulative tactics to get all sorts of things to go their way through backstage manueverings and talking to their friends to get their way. They use smear tactics and try to act like heroes to the rid the UWF of people they dont like (me, for instance) to prove how much they care only to sell out and leave 2 months later. They can say things like "I'm UWF thick and through to the end" and have the gall to criticize me only to prove me right when they leave the place high and dry, showing that they don't have any class, which is what they said of me. They said I was low. Well where did they go when the UWF really needed them? They only cared about themselves and no one else. Stuff like that ruined that place in the end.

A lot of people are going to miss the UWF. I'm one of them. But no matter what anybody says or does, nothing can stop it from closing. I'm sure people reading this are saying "Varga, are you trying to start another flame war?" No, I'm not, I'm just pointing out that I wasn't the main problem there. The main problems flared up when I left and the people who really cared got stuck high and dry because of some hypocrites who don't have any business criticizing me for anything because they're just as low, if not lower than I am. But despite all the flaming and everything, there are some people who really deserve a lot of props and rep points from everybody for everything they did to help out and promote the UWF, and they are: Ryan-O, Chris, Jay Phoenix, Tristan (Alec Lancer/Nick Persia), Ed (Communist), Clyde, Sean (Almasy), James (Shock), and Mike (Montgomery). These guys are super dedicated and deserve your respect. They have mine. My name is James Varga and I approved this message. I thank you for your time.


Hyde said...

HSW closed some time ago, putting some doubt in my mind as to the credibility of his commentary on PTC feds.

Further... is this article supposed to be IC or OOC? If the beginning is OOC, it's a bit immature; if the latter part is IC, he shouldn't be talking about handlers.

Josh Ray said...

I was confused as well. I couldn't figure out if it was in character or out of character. Granted, I don't know much about the characters and handlers, but it was confusing for me.


Franklin said...

OWWW! That hurt my brain.