Monday, December 18, 2006

The ENNies

It's almost time for the year end awards season. Of course, I'll be handing out my Blog Awards, and various feds will be voting on their awards too. There will definitely be interfed hubs handing out their awards too, but there's one in particular that's been doing this for the last two years. ENN, run by Brian Jenkins, might seem like it's not an active hub right now, but their ENNie awards are pretty prestigious. They're voted on by some of the best minds in all of eW, albeit minds that are confined to a certain circle.

This year, I'd like to see more people from all over take part in the nomination and voting processes. I know a lot of people have their own awards, but a centralized awards ceremony will give a lot more credibility to achievements throughout the year. The more voices heard, the stronger the reaction.

The cool thing about the ENNies is that it's written up like an awards show. The writeups themselves can have their memorable moments, most notably, Professor Tremendous accepting Troy Windham's Heel of the Year Award on his behalf.

We're in the nomination process right now. If you'd like to participate, go here. If you're not a member of ENN right now, you'll have to register, but that'll only take a second.

So participate and help give eW a more prestigious year end awards ceremony.

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