Friday, November 10, 2006

Ultimate MBE: Seeding discussion

Finally have everything in here tagged for her comfort... err, I mean your convenience. So peruse at your will.

Onto the meat, we all remember the Ultimate A1E Tournament that hijacked the blog for the better part of two months in the summertime. Now, it's the senior A1 fed's turn to get the Ultimate Tournament treatment, and what better time to do that than now, while on the comeback trail. Speaking of said comeback trail, have you at least given thought to joining MBE yet? Trust me, the atmosphere is fantastic, you'll interact with handlers that you can't find anywhere else on any other eW circuit, the booking is rock solid and you'll definitely find the writeup style to be at least a change of pace from the norm.

Anyway, onto the tournament, we can't hold one until we get the seeding down. Like we did for the A1E shindig, I'm going to have everyone and anyone who was ever involved in MBE help decide the seeding for it. I'll post a thread over at A1 and we'll start discussing it there.

Of course, feel free to post thoughts here. Oh yeah, and don't forget to check MBE out :p

1 comment:

Jenkins said...

As the last reigning MBE World Champion, I of course demand to be a #1 seed.

Jenkins (who, by the way, is kidding)