Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Slow news week

I know that my posts about the FW feds have been few and far between, but that's for good reason. The feds have all been kinda slow. I know a lot of that has been my fault. I still owe NFW a playoff match that I feel horribly about. Right now, it seems like all the activity has just died down. (Although UCW recently posted a show). I know that I've been the biggest proponent of being patient because everyone has a life, but with every fed being on a downturn, it seems like old-school, wrestling promo based RP feds are going the way of the dinosaur. Of course, this isn't the case, seeing that for one, the desire to promo in "our" style is still there very much, and two, there are more than a few great old-school RP feds offsite (A1E, MBE and NAPW being three of them).

Still though, it's kinda disheartening that the oldest and one of the best old-school hubs is as dormant as it is. I mean, what can be done to rectify this? Well, all of us can hit the lottery, retire early and then dedicate our lives to e-fedding. The average age on FW land is probably in the early-to-mid 20s, and that's the age where you sort of put things like this aside and start to focus on real life. Or, you try to juggle real life with the hobby, and you end up promising a lot of things that you can't pull through on because the desire is there but the time isn't.

Then, there are more logical solutions. One, you've got the MBE solution. Short-form the TV shows and write out the full PPVs. Personally, I'm ambivalent towards this. On one hand, the cards are easier to write, and you give people a condensed form of the matches when people tend to skim over the matches in the first place, unless you're a hardcore match-fanatic, which means you're probably a tSC alum ;). On the other hand, angles can get lost in the shuffle in one extreme where you include angles and segments in short-form (like MBE does), or on the other extreme, segments can dominate the show and literally bog it down. Even in AWC, a fed where they do write out the matches fully for every show, angles and segments dominate that show and can make it too long to read in one sitting.

Then the other solution is an influx of new talent. This can happen one of two ways. One, TNA can magically start giving VKM some competition and drive a new wrestling upturn. That may never happen. The other is for people from the PTC who've been clamoring for a return to the old school for awhile to migrate over to FW (or A1E, MBE or NAPW, the last of which is looking for tag teams!) and take a stab at helping the system work better. While the writing intensive style of PTC has a place in the hobby, so does the wrestling intensive side. Both sides need to be healthy. I mean, the desire is there. I've gotten a lot of inquiries about A1E, MBE, NEW and EPW, and Al Larcher had even thought about starting an old-school thread over at PTC. Whatever happened to that? I was looking forward to it. Especially with HSW and UWF going on hiatus and/or closing, there's definitely a spot for a new fed on PTC, one that fulfills a different demand.

Look, I'm not asking people to drop the long, character development driven RP style altogether. I know some people don't like to write in our style. I know some people think it's beneath them. I know it's not for everyone. But if the hunger to do something that has more to do with wrestling stories, angles and stuff on-screen is there, why not capitalize on it?

Y'never know. It could be... fun! :)


Jeffrey Paternostro said...

Hey, if I was writing 5-6 matches every week (which is what would be happening) I would be going promptly crazy, which woould probably improve my Yori promos, kill my Hida promos, and get me kicked out of another college.

Ryan Rogatschnigg said...

News! NAPW is one year old next tuesday. Go Roleplay feds.