Sunday, September 24, 2006

OOC Atmosphere

Reader Pierre Hyde from "over there" asks "What are the features of the perfect OOC atmosphere, and how does one go about creating it?"

Well, the perfect OOC atmosphere is where every handler has every handler in the fed on their AIM/Yahoo/MSN buddy list, and they all talk to each other on a regular basis. Everyone talks constructively about angles and matches and feuds... it's not just a cocksucking festival. People offer grounded praise, civil doubts and helpful hints. There'd be no feedback threads because there'd be no need for them. Shows would be full of angles from everyone, but not too many segments.

However, it's safe to say this will never happen. So what's as close to perfect as you can get? Well, basically, you have to have people who aren't afraid to give feedback and people who for the most part aren't afraid to accept it without getting their panties in a bunch. You need a fedhead who's a good people person too, just in case the immature personalities flare up. You need to treat cancers as quickly as possible, either by expulsion or careful private conversation.

I also think that the best way to get a good OOC atmosphere is to make sure that you're running the fed well. Just like winning is the best medicine for containing asshats like TO, putting out great results week in and week out is the best medicine for keeping the rabble in line. If you don't give the Jeremy J.s and Matt Haas' of the world a reason to cry, they won't cry.

So there you have it. Great OOC environment for dummies ;)

Before I go... two things.

One, A1E posted their flagship Golden Dreams over the weekend. I will give it the full review treatment sometime this week, but for now, I post the link and say READ~! Great stuff all around, and a big suprise return.

Speaking of surprise returns... go check out PRIME's new site, and their latest show, ReV 105. They had a surprise return too. A huge one. Want a hint? Too bad, I'm not telling you >=)

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