Saturday, September 23, 2006

[GTT6] Apps open later today and VIDEO HYPE~!

Man, I've been active in the last twelve hours, haven't I? :)

Anyway, in something like 12 hours, applications will open for GTT6. I'll post the link here, and I strongly endorse entering this tournament, no matter what fed you're from, no matter what community, no matter what anything. Challenge yourself and challenge the best from the PTC and the e-fedding world altogether.

Some of the guys in it this year have really gotten creative on how to hype themselves for it. The main mode of hypage last year was Photoshop, but this year, it's, soundbites, little animated movies and YouTube. Here are three of my favorites from the multimedia. Let's take a look:

"Renegade" Rich Rollins - Offering number two

This one is so off the wall outrageous. It features John Lennon, Big Bird flipping the bird and Rollins sounding off on the field, mainly Killean Sirrajin. Speaking of the PRIME Cut...

Killean Sirrajin - Boo-yeah

Solid piece, great trash talk and great hype. Good to see PRIME's big guns getting in on the action. Looks like Sirrajin is onery and ready to go.

Duke Williams for Hoyt Williams - Audio only, but still awesome

Oh man, there was some good trash talk in here, but I think the highlight of this audio is Duke Williams going off on gibberish for like two minutes at the end. High entertainment value here, folks. Seriously, even if you don't give a shit about this tournament, click that link and listen to this. If you're not laughing or marking out before this clip's over, you officially have no soul.

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