Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ACW... Farewell?

It's hard to believe that only four months ago, I named ACW my Fed of the First Quarter. I thought we were onto something big. I thought it was going to give LoC a run for its money in terms of angle fedding.

But then the bottom started falling out. Butch lost interest and pulled KSZ. Both Renner and Dupin quit, sending Max Danger and Coral Avalon out of the fed and leaving the Blue Rogues in the hands of Seth as bit players in the background of Andy Sharp's meteoric rise to the top. Cimon lost his mind on several occasions and finally quit. Devin decided that Lowell and Jimmy Cain weren't wrestling characters anymore (and in a way... I guess I could agree with his reasoning, but you know me... I love outrageous gimmicks and characters). And of course, I got a full-time job and couldn't keep up writing every week without being late all the time.

And so here we are, at Courage 100, which could very well be the last ACW show ever, and I think it's a damn shame. We had so many really great writers, but somehow, it all fell apart. Not even Zezu coming back (which fulfilled one of my 2006 predictions for ACW :p) could save it.

This last show... I'd say it was enjoyable. I thought Lowell's angle was very entertaining, Devin always knows how to keep my eyes glued to the screen. It's great to see Sharp finally get his due as ACW Champion, and of course, Dean Matthews using Duran Duran as a backdrop is always classic.

There were several outs for a reboot, and honestly, I hope they don't capitalize on them unless they're focused on putting out a quality product... it doesn't even have to be weekly, it just has to be well-written.

If this is farewell though, then farewell ACW. It's a shame to see you go, but you had one hell of a run.

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