Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ultimate A1E: The Moron Bros. Bracket

First up, the tallies from the Sully bracket.

Big Dog over Suicidal Killer
IrishRed over Cannibal
Lindsay Troy over BC Steele
Cross over Zer0
Prisoner 187 over ChessMaster
Lucifer over Leatherface
Mr. Hyde over Kayafaber
Eight over Damon Blackburn

ANd now, finally, the last bracket of this first round, the Moron Bros. Bracket!

Beast (1) vs. Vreck Stone (16)

Beast won every title there was to win in A1E except the Triple Star Championship. Until Bloody New Year '06, he was the best wrestler never to win the World Championship. He's had legendary feuds with Nemesys, Mikey and Snake, Fly, SIN, JA, Big Dog... he elevated the Survivor Championship to be the most prestigious, non-World Championship belt in the company. He could very well be the ultimate A1E superstar.

Vreck Stone didn't have much success in the way of titles, but he was a fairly interesting character who happened to talk to zombies :)

Kanna Kirishima (8) vs. Hida Yakamo (9)

Kanna Kirishima was the first ever A1E Survivor Champion and holder of the Tag TEam Championships, as well as a major player in the MBE Invasion angle.

Hida Yakamo was also a major player in the MBE Invasion angle, as well as a big player with a "jump-ship" angle earlier in A1E, as well as an interfed angle with JA and his current run in A1E is pretty good too.

Andrew Gilkison (4) vs. Mr. Incredible (13)

Andy's a two-time Cyber Champion and a perennial World Championship contender. He was also a founding member of the HPSC and has had an interesting angle with them going in the recent past.

Mr. Incredible held the Survivor Championship, and was consensus the least crappy of Fordyce's characters *devil smiley*

Nemesys (5) vs. Canuck (12)

Nemesys was a founding father of A1E. He feuded with Beast in one of the fed's great, early feuds, held the Cyber and Survivor Championships, and was a part of a competitive series with Fly for the A1E World Championship.

Canuck, outside of feuding with Roderick McRatrick and befriending Tank Jew *devil smiley*, was most known for his dethroning of Chip Friendly for the Cyber Championship.

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Jeffrey Bellview (15)

JA really hasn't done anything special ever.

Jeffery Bellview was a part of the Dog and Gladdy/E and Druid/Friendly Psychosis tag team feud that redefined a division, and battled Kayafaber in a brutal Sanitarium match.

Duchess (7) vs. Londonboy (10)

Duchess has won the Triple Star and Cyber Championships and is a current member of the HPSC.

Londonboy, before becoming a famous jobber, was involved in the title scene early on with Fly and Kaya, and he had a memorable tag feud with X adn Magnus Tobita.

Chip Friendly (3) vs. Druid (14)

Chip Friendly has had mammoth long reigns with the Cyber and Triple Star Championships, is a current Tag Team Champion, was a part of that epic three way tag feud, feuded extensively with Beast and is a founding member of the HPSC.

Druid was also a member of said tag feud and held the Tag Team Championships with Euclid.

Necromancer (6) vs. Canadian Hitman (11)

Necromancer was an important member of early A1E, holding the Tag Titles, co-founding SIN, and later on, managing Mindkiller.

Canadian Hitman was a Cyber Champion and feuded with JA.


MrDanWest said...

Beast (1) vs. Vreck Stone (16)
As much as I dug Vreck, he quite simple does not come close to winning here against one of the defining characters of A1E.

Kanna Kirishima (8) vs. Hida Yakamo (9))
Hida is one of my favorite efed characters of all time and Kanna is not even my favorite James Irish character (which is by no means meant as a slight). Even even with his limited A1E tenure, I have to give it too Hida here

Andrew Gilkison (4) vs. Mr. Incredible (13)
I thought Mr I had a lot of potential, but he never reached it. Andy, on the other hand, has acquitted himself quite well, transcending even my highest hope for him from when he first debuted in MBE.

Nemesys (5) vs. Canuck (12)
I think I can sometimes forget how awesome Nemmy could be and the mere thought of his Curb Stop finisher still sends chills up my spine. Canuck was a fun character, but he's just not on the same lever. Nemesys wins.

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Jeffrey Bellview (15)

The Anglo Luchador vs The Purple Headed Madman. J_A doesn't even need homefield advantage to walk over in this one.

Duchess (7) vs. Londonboy (10)

This is a tough match, as I don't think LB gets near the credit he deserves. I don't think he really hit his stride until he got to MBE though, si I'll have to give this A1E tourney match to the ever present Duchess.

Chip Friendly (3) vs. Druid (14)

I reserve the right to perhaps vote for myself in a later round should I need it. Not here though.

Necromancer (6) vs. Canadian Hitman (11)
To be quite honest, I never really loved Necro and he might actually lose against one of the other 11 seeds to me. Not to Canadian Hitman though, who I kind of remember as spotty and inconsistent.

BigDaddy said...

Beast vs. Vreck Stone
Vreck was interesting and showed some definitely creativity, but Beast is Beast.

Kanna Kirishima vs. Hida Yakamo
Never really got into Kanna, and Hida is really impressing me with this latest run. I'll go with the Asian Wonder here.

Andrew Gilkison vs. Mr. Incredible
Incredible had some flashes of good stuff, but Andy has been really solid through his entire run since coming back from hiatus. Andy wins.

Nemesys vs. Canuck
Canuck wasn't bad, but Nemmy is indeed a founding father. Nem wins.

JA vs. Jeffrey Bellview
While I did dig me some Bellview from time to time, JA dominates this match easily.

Duchess vs. Londonboy
Londonboy is another one of those characters that actually manages to pre-date me. If I didn't like Duchess, she wouldn't be in the HPSC. Duchess wins this one.

Chip Friendly vs. Druid
Druid was a really solid character, and I loved him as the mentor to Euclid. But Chip is Farnsy's partner in crime. He's just so good.

Necromancer vs. Canadian Hitman
This is a tough call for me. Necro's best stuff was before me. With SIN, he was kind of on a slide already. But Canadian Hitman doesn't ring any really strong bells with me either. I'll flip a coin and go Necro here.

James Irish said...

Beast vs Vreck: Again, I have trouble not being biased here. I very vividly remember Excitable Boy coming around, asking a lot of weird questions about match psychology, and when Promo asked him some questions in return, he responded "Hi, efed character!" Not cool, not funny, not getting my vote. Beast wins.

Kanna vs Hida: Kanna was a way for me to get back into the swing of e-fedding. I never expected her to last like she did. I don't mind dropping to Hida. But... my character, can't vote.

Andy vs. Mr Inc: Even with certain biases, there's just no comparison. Andy wins for longevity and sheer grit.

Nemmy vs. Canuck: Two guys I'm not as familier with. Nemmy's got the accomplishments over Canuck, though. Nemmy wins.

JA vs JB: Funny how that looks, huh? Still, I liked Jack Blade better. Jerichoholic wins.

Duchess vs Londonboy: What a difference a fed makes. If this were MBE, this would likely be a different, because LB made a much larger impact there, and Duchess was the first lady. Still, Duchess has the belts, so she wins.

Chip vs Druid: I don't remember very much Druid. Chip, though, is one of the best. Chip wins.

Necro vs Canadian Hitman: More folks whose work I don't know if I saw or not. Sheesh. I'll just say Necro since I seem to remember him doing some Collective work.

Lindz said...

Beast vs Vreck: One of the most dominant characters in the fed against ... a guy who may or may not have talked to zombies. Okay....

Kanna vs Hida: I didn't think Kanna was all that bad of a character, except for James's admitted ganking of her from a video game. ;) Hida's been hot since he came into the fed. I should give it to Kanna based on the titles but I think Hida's got the potential for better feuds and bigger titles. So, yeah, Hida.

Andy vs. Mr Inc: I guess Mr. Incredible was the least crappy of Fordyce's characters. *shrug* He still didn't do a whole hell of a lot though. Andy advances.

Nemmy vs. Canuck: Didn't see much of Canuck, and time constraints aside I've always enjoyed what Bryon's done with Nemmy. Nem advances.

JA vs Bellview: Please, JA.

Duchess vs Londonboy: Phil only likes Duchess because she's a girl. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

But she still advances over LB, whose A1E run I didn't catch.

Chip vs Druid: Druid...hmm. Saw some stuff here and there, but I think he was mainly before my time. I think Chip's a riot.

Necro vs Canadian Hitman: Candian Hitman...wasn't around for. Necromancer was such a shitdick heel, so he gets the nod.

AndyGilkie said...

Beast vs. Vreck Stone

Dratched Vreck Stone and his stuff didn't do shit for me. Dratched some of his OOC comments too, and he didn't come off very well there either. Beast, as Dan said, is just one of the defining characters in A1E. Beast wins this easily.

Kanna Kirishima vs. Hida Yakamo

If Hida sticks around, I can see him accomplishing more in A1E than Kanna did. So I think I'll vote for him here. Side note, I would love to have Kanna back in A1E someday.

Andrew Gilkison vs. Mr. Incredible

I could make a comment here, but I don't want to show any hint of arrogance that could turn any potential voters against me. So... no vote. ;)

Nemesys (5) vs. Canuck

Beating an awesome character like Chip for a major title is big... but being the first ever holder of that same major title is probably even bigger. I'd say as a whole, Nemmy was just a much more important player in A1E, so he wins.

Jericoholic Anonymous vs. Jeffrey Bellview

JA is simply more accomplished than Mr. Bellview. Pure and simple. JA beats the purple freak to advance.

Duchess vs. Londonboy

Check the A1E website and I don't see shit about Duch being a former Triple Star champ. What drugs are you on, Tom? :P Anyway, I will have to give it to Duchess here for the same reason as everyone else.

Chip Friendly vs. Druid

Druid will be best remembered for being Eulid's tag team partner. Chip is just simply Chip... one of the best characters around. Chip wins.

Necromancer vs. Canadian Hitman

Flipped a coin... landed on Necromancer.

Jeffrey Paternostro said...

You guys do realize I have won exactly two matches in A1E, not that you would know it by the effusive praise above.

Anonymous said...

Beast (1) vs. Vreck Stone (16)
Beast for all the reasons above.

Kanna Kirishima (8) vs. Hida Yakamo (9)
Hida because he is probably one of the best ever.

Andrew Gilkison (4) vs. Mr. Incredible (13)
I never liked MrI nor did I see his potential. Andy has been very strong in A1E.

Nemesys (5) vs. Canuck (12)
Nemmy in a close one.

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Jeffrey Bellview (15)
JA's most recent run has cemented him as a top tier guy for good. He wins.

Duchess (7) vs. Londonboy (10)
I like LB but he was wildly inconsistent. Duchess is Miss Consistency and she wins.

Chip Friendly (3) vs. Druid (14)
Chip is the best character to never hold the A1E World Championship. He wins.

Necromancer (6) vs. Canadian Hitman (11)
Forced to choose I would say Necromancer.


Tom Holzerman said...

Let's try this again, mmkay?


Vreck had limitless potential, but so did Beast. The difference is, Beast realized all his and more.


Hida is one of my favorites ever, but I think Kanna's body of work speaks louder here.

Andy/Mr. I

Andy's a mainstay, Mr. I had a cup of coffee.


Tank Jew nonwithstanding ;) Seriously though, Nemmy is probably one of the two best characters never to win the World Championship. He wins going away.


I suck.


LB accomplished more in MBE. He was really a jobber for the most part in A1E, while Duchess has some impressive hardware.


Druid was a good character, but Chip is the other in the top two of best ever not to win the World.


Hitman was extremely underrated. Plus he actually did win a singles title. Necro was wildly overrated, not even Mat's second best character, IMO.