Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two HYOOGE PPVs and a few of my favorite characters -- NFW East

Before we get to the character pimpage, it's time for some PPV action.

First up, ACW delivers BIG TIME with Honor and Glory. Seriously, I think this comes close to, if not surpasses, Legends II. 2006 is at least starting off well for ACW. Check the SotF main event, and major props go out to Mike Renner, Michael Dupin and Sean Williams for writing this bad boy, and check out the Spirit of ACW 2/3 falls match between Andy Sharp and Max Danger, and again, mad propers going out to Seth Silver and Dupin. I'd also like to solicit a little feedback for those of you who aren't narrative-impaired to check out my Suleimon/Republican match and give me feedback and criticism on it, because I need it like a junkie needs smack.

Next up, there's AWC Bloodlust, another good read. Props go out to Josh Young for writing the Suleimon match well (although I'm a bit bummed at the loss... but hey, losses build character), and big congratulations go out to Jack Murphy for winning the Transatlantic Championship and to Taso for capturing the Alliance Titles with Celestial Fury (Butterfly Hamada and The Green Grappler). Also, a bittersweet moment as we say farewell (at least for now) to Paddy O'Shea from AWC. He will be missed.

And now, a few of my favorite characters from NFW East. I was going to do NFW on the whole, but it's really like two different feds under one banner. So I'll split it up by conference. Once again, in no particular order...

Yori Yakamo, Jr. Seriously, one of the funniest characters I've ever read. I don't know what it is about overt perversion and sexuality or blasphemy that is so funny, but really, every YYJ promo is a MUST-READ, and I don't say that about many characters. What he's doing for comedic characters in the NFW East this year is truly a great thing, because comedic characters deserve World Titles too, dammit.

Beau Michaels Once again, outrageous factor over here. NFW East is home to a lot of over-the-top characters, and Beau is no exception. I often stare at my screen in amazement at the balls Edmunds has to post some of the things he does at Beau, but most of the time, it's well-written and entertaining.

Felix Red Strange bird, this one is, but hey, I can't say I'm not enjoying the whole Kooter thing he's got going. As freaky as his promos and segments are, there's something strangely alluring about them that you can't seem to avert your attention elsewhere when your eyes hit the words. I mean, sometimes it just doesn't make sense, but you still keep reading. That's Felix Red.

Michael Manson You can't say enough about the way McNic's handled this season. There's such an allure to some folks to try and plug on and defend the UT with all the fury of someone trying to repeat, but instead, he's taking out time to help other folks get their storylines over and in the same vein, is playing up a major, major change to his character (albeit a temporary one) to make things more interesting. I'll admit to not being the Manson character's biggest fan in the past, but this season, he's been on, and I've gained an all new respect for the character and the handler.

Kin Hiroshi Kin will always be an underrated character wherever he goes because he's not afraid to try new stuff, but at the same time, he's also not going to be the flashiest or the biggest name (despite being around for a good while). Well, I will go on record to say I appreciate Kin, and I think he's been doing some good, under-the-radar stuff in the East since he came back. His match with Kevin Powers in week 2 was a good shock to the roster, and his stories with addiction and his harassing of Doc Silver for his NFW Title shot have been compelling and amusing respectively.

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Anonymous said...

Props for Kin? Thanks Tom, I appreciate it. I know that Kin isn't flashy or gimmicky, but that's what makes him work for me. That's his gimmick. :)