Thursday, February 16, 2006

A (temporary?) farewell... and a few of my favorite characters -- LVW

First off, Gregg Gethard has announced his retirement from e-fedding. Huge loss to the CSWA, NFW West and EPW and to the hobby altogether, seeing that his characters are among my favorites in any fed he's in. He has hinted that he'll be back, but for now, I'd like to wish him good luck with his Masters, his upcoming marriage and his writing career. We don't know if he's gone for good or just for a bit, but if it is permanent, well, it's nice to have a proper send-off.

And now... back to the favorite characters. I'm skipping the fWo because of the limbo we're in there, so that brings us to my favorite new fed on the block, Las Vegas Wrestling. Honestly... this is the hardest fed for me just to pick five favorites, because everyone really has a kick-ass character here, but I do what I must. Once again, in no particular order.

Olvir Arsvinnar The pornographic Viking... who really is a Viking. Seriously, this may be the greatest character ever (along with Lowell Dot Com and Professor Tremendous). I knew from the moment I read his first preview segment on the third LVW card that this character would be money. Honestly, I salivate at the entertainment value an RP thread between him and my own Jimmy Donovan would bring.

Elvis Aaron Presley It's a shame he had to run into Olvir in the LVW tournament, because an Elvis impersonating wrestler is an idea that's overdue. I guess a fed based in Las Vegas, the Elvis impersonator capital of the world, had to come along for Elvis to enter the ring. Still, it's a great gimmick.

Hans Nowak Sometimes I read a profile and I just become enamored with the little things. Like Nowak winning the U-62's World's Strongest Man competition three times. The little things. That's not to say that's the only thing I like about Hans. I love the RP style, and I'm interested to see what he does with Miss Ann too. All in all, I think he should be the co-favorite to win the LVW title (With Olvir, of course)

Bill Bellmoth A guy who talks to janitors about how great he is and wears a headset in the ring to call his own matches, most of the time while getting his ass kicked... folks, this character is gold. Proof that you don't need to win matches to have an ├╝ber-entertaining character.

Ben Lerner Once again, another gimmick whose time is overdue, the sue-happy loawyer wrestler. Honestly, unlike Elvis, this character could work well in any fed, but for some reason, I think it clicks the best in LVW, even though schyster lawyers aren't really associated with Las Vegas in any big way.


Mike Stanton said...

"I think it clicks the best in LVW, even though schyster lawyers aren't really associated with Las Vegas in any big way."

Las Vegas is just CRAWLING with scumbag lawyers. Commericals normally feature 1 or 2 of them pleading for business and we have giant billboards hyping their services...Vegas is the scumbag Lawyer capital of the USA.

paul k. said...


And yes folks, we're still looking for people to join! Mike and I have a list close to 10 deep of gimmicks if you need help. :)

Admittedly, me and Mike being poker nerds and such, a few of said gimmicks are off-shoots of popular poker players (like Bill Bellmoth is an off-shoot of Phil Hellmuth), but we have a bunch of others as well. We're kinda lacking on mobster-esque guys.