Saturday, February 18, 2006

A few of my favorite characters -- NEW

One of the two feds I've ever won the World Championship in... once again, in no particular order.

MWG One of the most insane characters I've ever read, but I think he's the sort of benchmark for the kind of attitude NEW wants to have. I'll never forget that RP he posted where his valet Krist Blue was doing something sexually explicit to Ashlee Simpson. It was a little over the top, but I enjoyed it. I think he's ripe to become the NEW Champion this year.

The Masked Man It kinda sucks that Steve A. had to be a bitch by taking his ball and running home with it after he dropped the World Title, because this angle he had with the Masked Man looked pretty interesting. Still though, this Masked Man has my attention, especially to see who he really is when he unmasks.

Jason Payne Jason's always a solid character wherever he goes, but he always seems to be overshadowed by some of the "bigger" names. Well, Mr. Payne has what it takes to be a big name, and I think the best place for him to show his stuff is in NEW, where he doesn't have a Manson or a Lindsay Troy or a Melton or a Beau Michaels/Kooter Cruise/Felix Red to take the spotlight away from him. If he sticks around, I think that he will use the NEW spotlight to vault himself in NFW and EPW and make more people take notice. I think this feud with Chris McMillan that seems to be brewing will do wonders for that.

Mr. Entertainment I think Karl still needs to work the kinks out of the character and make him a little less choppy in his delivery, but I like the concept and I like the things he's been doing with the character. This has great potential to be an anchor for the TV division for months to come.

Insurgent He could be a GREAT foil for The Phantom Republican. Stanton's the best handler to do a leftist conspiracy theorist character archetype, and I think he's a great fit for NEW, with or without my Republican maven.


Beau Michaels said...

Insurgent, as far as I know, is not in NEW anymore ... but he was a great character :)

Mike Stanton said...

I might show back up...Sorry LVW is taking so much of my time currently, that and Steve retiring killed one of my major reasons for Insurgent.

Anonymous said...

You should - he was fun to work against :)