Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A few of my favorite characters -- EPW

The next in my series of favorite lists... leaving out CSWA for now because of relative inactivity. Next up is my home away from home fed, Empire Pro Wrestling. Of course, these are in no particular order.

Shawn Hart/Steve Savoy I have to say, I was genuinely disappointed when Ryan disappeared before the end of our program last year. Not just because angle/feud partners dropping out on me was commonplace and I didn't quite like it, but because JA and Savoy were having such a ridiculous but fun feud, I wanted to give it a proper end. It's a good thing he did come back. Hart is perhaps the only character in the world aside from Roderick McRatrick or perhaps Mike Wade who'd make JA be the straight man in a feud. He's probably the ideal character to be JA's nemesis, especially if they have Ron Artest and Bill Laimbeer seconding them.

IrishRed Put here in EPW mainly because I love the angle he's running here. It takes guts to run an angle where you sabotage your own heat in an RP fed, and Shane's doing just that. Quite frankly, it has a ton of potential, and it may be the most entertaining angle that EPW or the wrestling world could see this year.

Lindsay Troy What can I say, she was the centerpiece of 2005's Angle of the Year. She's also always an entertaining read when she posts a promo. I admit it, I'm a fan of the edgy, snarky style she has.

Troy Windham's Entourage I'm actually more of a fan of August than I am of Troy-diddy. He's a better heel, he gets under my skin more (in an IC sense), and that's a good thing. Plus, any time Z! goes on about his calves, it's a guaranteed laugh and a half. I'd love to see Gregg concentrate more on these guys in the EPW Tag Division. With them, the HPSC, Sensationally Perfect, Blitz and of course, my own Priest and Eisenkreuz, EPW might have the best tag division since A1E had that extremely HOT three way feud amongst Euclid/Druid, Friendly/Bellview and Dog/Gladiator.

The Sergeant Love the intensity and exuberance. He's got a very simple and straightforward approach to things, and it works. He knows how to build heat, and I like that he doesn't rely on straightforward trash-talks for all his RPs. I think we're looking at the future of EPW here, especially if he's got guys like Frankie Scott, Adam Benjamin and Mike Evers to work with.

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Joshua C. Ray said...

I really do try with The Sergeant. Sometimes it's hard for me to get direction for his character, but Dave really helps out with his steady approach to how he handles everyone's characters.

In A1E I was concerned at first on whether or not I made a bad move... but I think A1E helped me focus my character and get him back on track.

Thanks for the props!