Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shows abound!

The inaugural LVW show is here

I have to say, I'm impressed with it for being a first show. We got good introductions to characters like Jimmy Two Times and The Inferno, plus I liked the bi where they kicked Wayne Newton's ass in the intro. The matchwriting was solid and easy to follow too, always a plus in my book.

My only criticism is that it wasn't racy enough. But also, it was only the first show. I'm really liking the set up so far. Kobylarz and Stanton seem to be at least pointed in the right direction.

Holla! Holla! Katz gave NFW a new website!

The link to East Week 5 is on the front page. The new website looks very snazzy. Katz is an EXCELLENT web designer.

As for the show, I think it was very flat in the beginning, but it got stronger and stronger as the show progressed. I admit though, that I'm still confused as to who the guy in the Neon Green Chicken Suit is though, but the overall angle where Mikoto is now Beau's manservant is pretty intriguing. I also was marking out at the "Fetus Red?!?" segment.


Anonymous said...

The NFW East show was weak, bordering on awful. In comparsion to the West, the quality of work needs to step up.

Hatter flying the plane, if i read that right? Okay.

The first Kooter Cruise segment was good. I dug Kooter's dialogue, but the second segment, he gets a boner and people have to die?

There's enough talent in the East to rival what's being done in the West, but it was wasted on this show.

Tom Holzerman said...

Interesting opinion, although I disagree that it was a weak show. It was the weakest show of the five so far, but it was still solid.

However, I'd like to know who you are. Not for any witchhunt reasons, but because I think if you have a controversial opinion, you should back it up. DOn't worry, I won't hold it against you, but it's a lot more fun when we stand behind our opinions ;)

Paul K. said...

We're saving crazier stuff for later on with LVW - this card, and the next one or two are just to build the foundation and give time so people can JOIN UP and get in on the ground floor. Trust me, we've got some nutty shit up our sleave. This city reeks of nuttiness.

This card was pretty bare-bones compared to cards I've written or helped write in the past.

Barry Thompson said...

(CUTTO: Felix Red reading the smark mark boards...Kooter Michaels-Cruise is in a straight jacket nearby....)

RED: Hey, ape....This guy says it's lame that you want to kill people?...

KOOTER: Kill....smark?....Kill SMARK!!! KKKKIIIIILLLLLL!!!

RED: Yes. (blows up the computer, with his mind...)

Anonymous said...

You know I'm a fan of your work Barry. Felix is incredibly well-written. The idea for Kooter is solid, though maybe a bit over the top. The second segment was written differently dialogue wise than the first. Just dug the "From Hell" angle of the first. Oddly enough, I told Sean and Katz about an idea for a Beau/Joey team with Cameron's aborted son all aged up to a teenager like done in a good soap as their manager. He's bitter, etc at Cruise. And Jon showed me the Kooter segment. Heh.

Not the East's best show. The talent is there to really do something great. i realize it's the land of Manson so everything will be weird and candy-coated, so i guess it's subjective (as anything is) as to whether this week's show was good stuff or not. Anyway, ignore me I've always wanted to kill someone after a boner, but haven't found the guts. That's the brunt of it.

I think the attraction of LVW is it's proud to be the minor leagues of wrestling. Every league books in Madison Square Garden and wants to be WWE. The key isn't Mike or Paul doing 'crazy' things like having a character drink his own blood. It's all subtle. A character nearly breaking someone's neck performing a move. Hans not understanding the 'script' and having to be fast-counted. I like the idea of being in a 'local' promotion. Not living in Vegas I can't imagine the source material, but I don't think we have to be EPW to standout.

Anonymous said...

People should be encouraged to drink their own blood in their matches.

--Craig Miles


Barry Thompson said...

(CUTTO: Barry is sitting in his fly infested room, staring blankly at his computer as he types...)

BARRY: Yeah, at first I wasn't gonna have Kooter talk, figuring he'd be a giant fetus and therefore wouldn't be able to. Also, I'm lazy and didn't want to write more dialogue.

So I wrote the Fetus Red segment before reading Mike's Beau/Kooter segment. Hence the inconsistency. I think I'm gonna mesh the two concepts together somehow. Like, have Kooter only say things like "Kill," and then recite Mars Volta lyrics...

Anonymous said...

I think he should recite EE Cummings poetry, while eating chocolate syrup out of his hand.

paul k. said...

The idea of the subtlety of the botched moves, etc. was all Stanton. We figure stuff like that happens anyway, moreso with wrestlers who may be "green-ish" or rusty, plus some of it fits in with the characters, especially Hans blowing the 'script'.

I came up with using Vegas as the homebase and the naming of LVW. We batted around starting a league, but I really didn't want to do the same ol same ol, until it hit me that Vegas was the perfect niche. An epic ton of 'source material', as Barry put it, to use and play with.

As for the "crazy" stuff, well... not saying someone will drink their own blood, but it IS Vegas. Stuff's gonna happen down the line.