Saturday, December 03, 2005

My E-Fed Christmas List

A bit of news before the entry. I finally heard back from Travis, and it looks like I'm fWo bound. Finally, my career in angle fedding is going to take off. w00t.

Anyway, onto the main entry.

It's almost Christmas time, and about this time, everyone's Christmas list should be pretty much completed. Mine is, but I'm not posting that here. Instead, I'm going to post my e-fed Christmas list... the list of things I'd like to have under my e-wrestling tree here in cyberspace.

All I want for Christmas...

- A shiny World Heavyweight Championship... I'd love the A1E, EPW or UNIFIED for Jericoholic, the NFW for Maggot, but I'll settle for the NEW for Phantom Republican or the LVW for Jimmy Donovan

- A CSWA card for me to promo for, especially against an opponent who's gonna challenge me and put up more than one RP, cuz if he doesn't, I'll get antsy and bored

- A win in my first round GTT5 match

- A new computer so I can view all these fancy webpages the right way instead of the "shot video card" way

-And finally, I want these characters to be a part of TEAM when the actual fed gets udnerway:

Eddie Mayfield (I'd totally mark out of JN sent me a Mayfield app... like seriously, the only way I could ever mark out harder is if Jericho won the WWE Title clean from Triple H)
Brandon Youngblood
Seymour Almasy
Angelo Deville
Big Dog
Any one of Pants' magical creations
Mr. Amazing! (I know both Mr. A! and FF would be hard for Bill to pull off... one of them would be nice though)
A team representing LoC (because every team wrestling league needs to have a squad whose homefield advantage when it comes to RPing is rap battling)
A team representing AWC (because they're my new home fed in PTC, and they're a group of very talented writers that I'd love to have aboard)
And finally, Lindsay Troy


Jamar said...

You're too nice to me.

Tom Holzerman said...

I don't think I'd be the only one marking out though ;)