Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The definitive JA profile

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Jericoholic Anonymous
The Anglo Luchador, the Ayatollah of Michael Cole-ah, Jay-Aye

Height: 6'
Weight: 215 and 3/8 lbs.
From: Philadelphia, PA

Feds: A1E, CSWA, EPW (all current), MBE: UX
Titles Held: A1E Cyber (2x), A1E Tag (2x, w/Euclid), CSWA Greensboro (Current), EPW Intercontinental, WCW Television (not recognized)

Disposition: Sarcastic babyface who abides by a code of honor and is driven by love of the wrestling industry. Puts on a comic front to disarm opponents.

Image: Face is obscured by the World Famous Lucha Mask of DOOM~! (which oddly, changes every week) Leg length tights of various design, usually coordinating with his lucha mask. White wrist tape, solid unicolor boots with white or black laces, depending on whether the boots are light or dark colored. Has a slender frame, though not a skinny prick. He gots muscles, mang. Almost no body fat

Entrance Music: "Eat the Rich" Fozzy
Entrance Description: The arena lights go down except around the entrance area, where a single light silhouettes a man, back turned and arms in wingspan. Then, there's a pyrotechnic explosion, "Eat the Rich" cues up, and the figure jumps around, revealing JA.

Style: Hybrid among Japanese strong style head dropping, lucha libre and WCW spot cruiser-libre


Tier One

Tombstone Piledriver - duh

Lucky Seven Suplex - Variant of the Japanese Ocean Suplex, a move made famous by Joshi star Manami Toyota. JA grabs the victim's left arm with his right hand and pulls it across the victim's throat. He then grabs the victim's right arm with his left hand and holds it across the abdomen and through the victims legs. Then, JA goes back with a suplexing motion, all impact, no bridge.

The Walls of Jericoholic - JA's standard submission hold, a liontamer, a homage to his hero, Chris Jericho

Tier Two

Karelin Driver (primary finisher) - Voted the most dangerous move in wrestling in 2001 by the readers of PWI, it's a variation of an amateur hold by Russian great Aleksander Karelin (duh). JA grabs the victim in a gutwrench, holds him parallel to the ground while spinning him 180 degrees before dropping back and landing the victim on his neck at a sharp angle. Can be done from the top rope and done as a tier three destroyer.

Tier Three (destroyers... VERY RARE)

Karelin Driver '01 - Gutwrench piledriver

Lionsplash - Frogsplash done off a 20 ft. ladder

Regular Moveset: (not limited to these moves) Frogsplash, spinning heel kick, moonsault, lionsault, release dragon suplex, rolling clutch pin, inverted Indian deathlock, powerbomb, plancha over the top to the outside, butterfly suplex, dropkick, knife-edge chops, open faced bulldog, pendulum backbreaker, Mexican surfboard stretch, Mexican stretch bomb, butterfly backbreaker, guillotine leg drop

Three Strengths:

1. "I'm not quick, I'm sudden." - Although less so after his back injury in 2001/2, JA is still a very quick and agile wrestler who can run circles around oafish lummoxes, negating their size advantage.

2. Technically proficient - Having trained in the Hart Dungeon, JA's chops are undeniable. Knows an extensive amount of counters in several wrestling disciplines.

3. Silver tongued - One of the best mic-men in the business. A lot of JA's psychological advantages are traced back to his promo techniques, aimed at getting under the skin of his opponents, taking them off their game just enough for JA to capitalize on their lack of focus.

Three Weaknesses:

1. Bad back - The aforementioned injury in 2001/2... although JA claims he's fully healed, backs are chronic, and targeting that area is a good way to limit JA's mobility, taking away a lot of his offense and defense.

2. Easily frustratable - JA has been known to go into long fits of frustration/self-doubt/self-pity/blame-gameitis where one single loss can take him off his game and cause losing streaks.

3. Tries to do too much - Thinks he's a super-heavyweight at times, and will try to use pure-lifting moves in his arsenal (like powerbombs, overhead suplexes, piledrivers) on larger opponents, especially if he's gotten on a roll using leverage based moves to keep an opponent down. The upper limit of JA's lifting capabilities is around 250 lbs. The Karelin Driver is exempt from this weight limit because it is a leverage based move, but KD '01 can only be used those below that weight ceiling.

Matchwriting Aid: To Jericoholic Anonymous, the path to victory is simple. If your opponent can't walk, he can't win.

There are two routes to go. Take out the legs and eliminate the actual instruments for walking, or take out the back/neck and damage the source.

Usually, JA will go for the latter, especially if he can utilize his lifting offense. If this is the case, JA will aggressively target the head, neck and back with impact maneuvers, heading towards a finish with the Karelin Driver. Beginning of the match will focus on concussive strikes, mainly chops to get the foe off-balance, then kicks to the head after his guard is let down. Later on in the match, JA will move towards suplexes and other head-droppers until the opponent is sufficiently beaten down for KD.

For larger opponents, or for bitter rivals, JA will go the tap-out route, targeting the legs and lower back to set up for the Walls. Early match strategy will be peppering kicks to the leg to knot them up and make foe easier to get off his feet for leverage based moves like backbreakers and tilt-a-whirls out of the Irish whip.

If all else fails, JA will go kamikaze, especially if he's in the wrong state of mind, or if none of his strategies seem to be working.

Normally, this would be accompanied by an in-character history, but I'm way too tired.

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