Monday, November 21, 2005

Worlds Apart in the Same Hobby

I was in a chat Sunday night for the announcement of the draw for PTC's Golden Turnbuckle Tournament, an annual affair that is probably the most prestigious tournament in this sphere of fedding and definitely the most lustruous in the interfed (for what it's worth, I entered Maggot and am facing Virgil Ambrosi in the first round, whoever that is).

In the chat, I heard from Aaron Dillon, who handles Brandon Youngblood, that he got fired from PRIME for "being an asshole." Apparently, this isn't the first fed he got fired from. I don't know the history of firings and stuff, but I think it's more of a regular occurance there than in the FW circuit. Or maybe it's not, I don't know.

The perception I have of that environment is that it's a lot more stringent and strident. More stricture and while they still refer to e-fedding as a hobby, it's treated a lot less as such than it is in A1E or at FW. I mean, the only person I've ever known of who's been fired from A1E has been Mike Stanton, and that verbiage wasn't used to the best of my knowledge. (He was banned from the fed after rigging votes.)

Just a lot of the stuff I've seen/heard/read... the fact that you're not allowed to have the same character in two different PTC affiliated feds (I actually like that as a rule, by the way. FW would be good to have it, but I also see the restriction of freedom argument and such.), there are designated areas for PTC feds to recruit, they have "contracts;" even in my talkings to one of the fedheads of a fed I wish to join, when he read my promo that I had linked him, he said that it reminded him of how e-wrestling "used to be." Another fedhead commented that the style I had written in (camera/script) was frowned upon at PTC.

It's really astonishing how different the environments seem to be. We're all in the same game here, but the rules and climate differ greatly.

It's not a slam against the PTC feds. I wouldn't be looking to join them if I didn't like what they were doing. But it's just really amazing to me how different things are within a similar hobby.

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