Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Random kernels

A potpurri entry of random thoughts, although they'll mostly be concentrated on the TEAM Tournament and the NFW West Midnight Madness show that was just posted.

- From the owner's standpoint, I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the turnout for the TEAM Invitational Tournament. I think we got some big names and some good midcarders who could get hot and shock a few people. RPing has gotten off a little slowly for this first wave of opening round matches, but I think it'll heat up, at least I hope so. It's hard for me to look at things objectively because this is my baby, but I'm very optimistic given the players involved.

- Yes, I did book Molotov/Impala on purpose, because I wanted to guarantee Dan West vs. Gregg Gethard match. I also booked Cruise/Michaels on purpose too, but not to spite Siegel ;)

- Shiek Nasty is probably the best wrestler name in this tournament. I'm interested to see what he's all about when he finally posts a profile.

- Onto Midnight Madness, I thought the show was a bit disjointed this week, and I don't think the addition of the two missing matches would have helped much. I'm pretty excited about Melton's return to an NFW ring though.

- I knew Dan Ryan was going over Eddie Mayfield all along. No, Katz didn't tell me, but it was just a gut feeling that I knew was going to be right. I think it's just the way things are in NFW... Jamar and Katz are there to tell their story, but to make sure as many people can get over as possible, contrary to what a few folks may believe. In a way, I think it took away from the match suspense. In any other fed, Mayfield might be favored to win that match, and it would have been a lot more uncertain. But that's life.

- What happened to Eli Flair's mystery opponent? Not a fan of bait-and-switches.

- One last note on EPW, if you get a chance, check out the Onslaught forums and get a load of the double debut match between "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott and The Sargeant. Two guys who are either new or returning to the game after a long time and who are showing good enthusiasm and hunger. And they're pretty good too. I can't wait til we get Black Dawn posted so we can see these guys in action for real for real.


Joshua C. Ray said...

Thanks for the looks at our "Onslaught" battle coming up. I might not RP everyday, but I try to have fun when I do!

By the way... you spell my character's name "The Sergeant", haha. Not "S-A-R-G-E-A-N-T"... it's okay though. :)

Dave said...

In defense of the Ryan-Mayfield result, as I understand it the match was legit voted on and Jamar wasn't in on that vote as is NFW custom when a voter is involved in the match.

Not only that, but the "putting someone else over" thing wouldn't really be necessary in a Mayfield-Ryan match as both are already about as over as you can get on the FW.com circuit.

So I'd be surprised and disappointed if that was why I went over, because it wouldn't be necessary. I wouldn't need a cheap win in a match with no in-fed buildup, which was actually just a one shot fun dream match sort of thing. And he could have beat me just as easily I think. For some reason, a couple voters thought I eeked this one out.

For the record, I thought Jamar beat me - but I don't vote. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Brunk won the vote 2-1. It wasn't godbooked. He won fair and square.

Joe Campbell pulled Kellen Kinkade out last minute, as he was supposed to face Eli Flair. Reason being, the tA storyline he's been working on wouldn't have coincided with Kinkade being in NFW.

I agree the show is disjointed and definitely the worst one this season. Most of that is tied to the turnover we've been experiencing. However, I think Adler/Alias was a great match and hopefully people will enjoy the main event when it gets posted later today...and let's not forget the fact that alot of West writers were contributing to the East show that week.

With the new recruits and some old faces returning, I think the West will start looking better and better as we move on.

--should die

Tom Holzerman said...

There are probably only two or three guys on FW who I can say are legitimately bigger than Ryan though, and one of them is Eddie Mayfield. He's one of the rare people on FW who can give Ryan a rub and who wouldn't be evenly matched with him (like say, Manson) or who'd get a rub by beating Ryan (like, say, nearly everyone else).

Anonymous said...

Eddie Mayfield has NEVER won a World Heavyweight Championship.

Food for thought.

--should die