Monday, October 24, 2005

A1 Draft Analysis, Part FOURRRRRR(D)!

Brian Jenkins' Glass Ceiling Wrestling Federation
GUNS, Ken Cloverleaf, Paco the Wetback, Damon Blackburn, Shane Southern, Boogie Smallz, Mr. Incredible, Cain, Abel, Jean Rabesque, Adam Benjamin, Maelstrom, Reign, Nathan Houston, Scotty Michaels, Karl Brown, Max, Jecht

Free Agents

Copycat, Lethal Lex Taylor

Jenkins' draft was to FW as Lindz's was to the fWo. I guess they were right when they IMed me and told me they were in a competition to pick the most obscure characters out there...

Best Pick Definitely Ken Cloverleaf. The long-reigning A1E Champion should have gone in the first round, but due to some questionable picks, he fell. Smart pick to take him here.

Sleeper Picks I really like the Twins (Cain and Abel) and Blitz (Max and Jecht) here for his tag division. They were taken at the right spots too. The Twins were really underrated in MBE, and Blitz is taking care of business in the EPW tag scene. You could say it's because of lack of competition, but let's call a spade a spade here. They won the belt in a very tough match, and Karl's been doing good things with him. Paco in the third round is really, really good value as well.

Questionable Picks Perhaps the most questionable pick in the draft was the first round pick here... GUNS. Now, I don't know what Jenkins was thinking here. GUNS didn't make a great impact in A1E. Hell, I think he was more known for being in Stanton's bloc than anything else. He had a good CSWA run, but then again, he didn't go until the fifth round in the FW draft. Baffling, but hey, he's the guy Jenkins wants to anchor the fed. Still, he probably could have nabbed GUNS late and had another main event caliber A1er (Beast, Maggot, Hida, PILE) to go with the two he'd get in the next two rounds. Among his other FW picks, Rabesque and Benjamin were taken much too soon, especially considering they were both undrafted through ten rounds in the FW draft. And Nathan Houston... you know my feelings on NPCs.

Overall Grade C-... I was tempted to dip into the Ds here, but the fact that he drafted Cloverleaf and Paco and also has a good tag division to start gives more worth than a barely passing grade. The FW overload was a bit much though.

Shane G.'s Midwest Mafia
James Irish, Freakshow, Lady Rebellion, Xavier Storm, Ravage, DocAwesome, Meatbag, Tillrules, Lance Thunder, OuTLaW, Star Rider, Notamex, Eliminat0r, Heathen, Drifter, Torment

Free Agents
Chancewolf, Vulture

This was a draft of characters taken a round before they should have been.

Best Pick It's hard to say here, as each pick wasn't technically bad, but each pick was also a reach of a various degree, at least in the early rounds. I'll flip a coin though and say that DocAwesome presented good value in the sixth round. A very controversial character, which in wrestling, means he's a good character.

Sleeper Picks Tillrules in the eighth round was a minor steal. Till was always solid, and probably should have gone a tad bit earlier. Torment in the last round of course is a great steal, but this was a James Irish drop-out special.

Questionable Picks James Irish is a great character who should have been the A1E Champion last year at Golden Dreams. James Irish, however, is not a first round pick, though in the second, he would have been a great pick. Freakshow is a third to fourth round pick (I'd lean towards third). Xavier Storm, despite being an A1E Champion, was not worth a fifth round pick. X was the first Champion and he held the title for all of one week before dropping it. Plus it was back when the competition wasn't as stiff.

Overall Grade C+... judging by the players, this isn't the strongest field, but it's also not a crapfest. However, Red was one of the few who had booked his fed, and it shows that it's not just who you draft, but how you book them.

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