Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The state of TEAM

As you probably know, I tried to start up a team wrestling fed on FW called TEAM back in June. I was hoping to have gotten started by now, but I didn't get enough interested parties to handle characters in it.

Right about now, I'm ready to pack it in and not even try to get the fed off the ground, but a part of me thinks that I can scrounge up enough people to fill up 6-10 teams and get this thing moving. Another part says not to even try because no one else is going to commit to it outside of those I have already.

Eh. We'll see I guess.

In the meantime, here's a sort of wishlist of characters that I would have liked to have started out with, either already on teams, or in the drafting pool.

Big Dog
James Irish
Andrew Gilkison
Sensational Steven Shane
AJ Cirrus
BC Steele
The Spoiler
Hida Yakamo
Michael Manson
Joey Melton
Dan Ryan
Boogie Smallz
Troy Windham
Jonathan Marx
Cameron Cruise
Sean Edmunds
Seymour Almasy
Mike Randalls (I know Katz, I know :p)
Rook Black
Angelo Deville
John Doe
Christian Sands
Irish Red
Tha Eliminat0r
High Flyer

Plus all the guys I had signed up for it who were new or surprises for me:

Iron Lion
Carlos Correjo
Mr. Entertainment
Ned Jennings
Karla Starr
Nick Eliot

That would have been a nice roster to have, but not everyone was interested in it. Oh well, maybe some day I'll drum up enough interest for this and have a solid, starting roster. ACtually the roster I had starting out with was solid, but it wasn't enough to fill 6 teams.

Maybe this just wasn't meant to be...

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