Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quick hits

-Legacy of Champions is finally open after a lot of planning and waiting. If you're into angle feds, check this out. I'll be keeping my eye on them, if only to help get myself used to and comfortable with reading narrative style.

-Controversy in A1E... and in other news, the sky is blue. This time, we had an incident where the DC Scripts style of threading caused a little flap between Andrew Gilkison and Mr. Incredible. Long story short, Andy posted a promo, and then both Mr. I and AJ Cirrus replied directly to Andy, AJ having replied first, so his promo was the one continuing the line. Andy, instead of following the thread as it progressed (replying to Chip Friendly, who replied to AJ), replied both to Chip and to Mr. I's chain-breaking promo, albeit he had different focuses in both. Next thing you know, Mr. I is complaining about it in public and had the promo in reply to him removed, stirring debate.

My take? One, Mr. I shouldn't have bitched in public for one. Even if he had a point, you don't air beefs like that in public and start firestorms, especially when you're apparently trying to get things turned in your favor. But I don't think he had a point. Andy technically may have double-dipped, but really, it should be okay seeing that he was replying to two different people after the chain was disrupted. I know on FW feds, there's no problem like this because EVERY reply is in order and you can view everyone's replies when you do reply (God bless vBulletin like that), but on DC Scripts, it's a lot easier to do it piecemeal in multi-man matches.

The concern is though... what do you do in multi-man matches like that? Easy. You kee the chain going. If you and someone else promo somewhat simultaneously, then the person whose reply went up last should cut and paste their promo and do it in reply to the other person.

-Still waiting on the NFW West show. Looking forward to it, mostly because when that goes up, we get our first taste of interconference matchups. I'm very intrigued who's gonna be paired up with whom, and I'm especially waiting on Maggs' opponent, seeing that my original foe, Angelo Deville, is dropping out :(. It's a damn shame though, because Deville's been one of my favorite characters to read in the last three West shows (preseason included).

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