Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Taking e-fedding too seriously

Just as a note, I'm not just going to leave the fantasy roster as is. I will book it, probably starting tomorrow or Friday. It will be an ongoing thing; maybe I'll do year one for it. In the meantime though...

This great hobby of ours is just that... a hobby. It's something to do to relieve the stresses of real life, not to add onto them. At one point in my life, I didn't realize this, and I ended up burning myself out on e-fedding. Just ask anyone who was in A1E in the year 2002... it wasn't pretty.

I think it took that time away and my tenure in A1E as Roderick McRatrick to make me realize that I shouldn't taek things so hard or personally. It's the same as any competition. Someone has to win, and someone has to lose. When you take losing so personally, then on average, you're miserable 50% of the time. That's not the way to go.

So I guess the moral of the story is, it really shouldn't matter if someone tells you that they thought you shouldn't win a match. Once again, one guy has to win, another guy has to lose. It's the way the cookie crumbles. I've had three people come out and say, be it to me, or in public, that they thought Farnswirth won that match. And you know what? I really don't care either way. Phil put up a hell of an effort, and to tell you the truth, I thought he was going to win. It's not belittlement at all to say that they didn't think I should have won. It's just that the match was close.

Too many times we get so absorbed with wins and losses that we lose sight that it's only a game. Besides, wins and losses are only a part of wrestling. We base so much of what we do in this hobby off of the stuff on TV or in the indie circuit, and you know what? All of those results are booked ahead of time, way before any promos are cut or segments building the match are shown. It's all in the name of telling a story.

So, if you can't win a match every week, then at least try to tell a story every week. Odds are, people will take notice and maybe that will help you get the wins you want.

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