Monday, January 25, 2010

Wanted: Someone to Run TEAM

In case you guys haven't noticed yet, it's been about three or four months since the last TEAM card. That would have been all well and good had the last TEAM card not been the semifinals to the TEAM Invitational Tournament.


RPing is finished for the grand total of two matches that were on the card for the finals. I have no idea about the judging, but that can be redone. The fact that this was left for three months without a peep from the guy I left to run the place while I stepped away is a little embarrassing. I got a promise from him that he'd take care of the place and run it the same way I did. I think I've been let down. It's one thing to have late cards. I mean, I was hardly ever on time, especially if I planned a long-form card where I was writing the biggest match on there.

However, I'd like to think that I was always communicative with the masses, that I kept people informed of progress and what was going on. The fact that three months have gone by without a peep from the new management is embarrassing. Therefore, I'm making an executive decision. I'm taking TEAM back for the interim until I can find someone who'll take care of it. But that's the rub.

I need someone who'll take care of TEAM.

What I need is someone to take care of the day-to-day operations. That person should be ready to:

- book
- coordinate judging
- coordinate writing
- recruit
- advertise

You'll have complete freedom to do what you want with it. I will stay on as an advisor, but rest assured that it'll be more of a "hey, what do you think about this?" or a question-answering guy rather than the kind of advisor Vickie Guerrero is to Teddy Long on Smackdown *groan*. If you're interested, please contact me in any way possible. If all else fails, just reply here.

If no one steps forward, then I'll produce the final card, and we'll lay TEAM to bed, Irish wake style. IF someone does volunteer, then we'll move forward. Please though, I think this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to try his/her hand at fedheading but doesn't really have the time or patience to do a full-time fed.

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Kevin Healey said...

I hope you'll still judge Tom. And, if you need a judge for the finals PM me. I read both threads already, but it would be a pleasure to read them again.