Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I may be retired, but that doesn't mean I can't shill for an awesome concept when I see one, and peeps, I certainly see one in Federación Mundial de Lucha Libre. FMLL is run by Ryan Aston, handler of Shawn Hart and his band of merry misfit friends and relatives. Aston is a nut for the art of lucha libre, so you know that this fed will be the real deal.

I know what the biggest reason for not joining will be. "I don't know enough about lucha libre to try it out." It's true, lucha isn't a fully understood wrestling form in America, but both Aston and the handlers in the fed who do know a thing or two about lucha will be more than happy to help along those looking to pop their Mexican wrestling cherry. And as with any new fed, you'll be getting in on the ground floor.

Please, give FMLL a look and a try. I love it when new ideas come along, and this is about as different as it's going to get.

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WBFIII said...

FMLL is gonna be awesome, bet on it! I myself know next to nothing about Lucha Libre, but Ryan has been extremely helpful by posting a ton of information on it, and you can always learn as you go. FMLL is just a chance to do something different, which is always a plus in FW. Leagues like FMLL and LVW offer FWers something new and fresh; not to mention the legacy of awesomeness provided to us by EPW and NFW which is always there as well.