Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ask Your Blogger, Mk. 2

Okay okay, before I get into this round of easier reader participation, just a reminder to those whom I contacted from the last thing that I wanted to do... hang tight. I'm a hard guy to get a hold of on IM these days, but we'll get started with "Project Discovery Channel" sooner rather than later. Why is it called Project Discovery Channel? For one, I particularly enjoy the episode of the Simpsons the reference comes from (bonus points to the first person to correctly identify said episode, the character it comes from and the context), and two, why not?

Aaaanyway, a long time ago, during Blog Run Mk. 1, I fielded questions from YOU, the blog reading public and answered them on this here page. Well, I'm gonna do it again, figuring that it's an easy way to get good content on here at a time when I don't really have a lot of opinionated things to say about eW (that should change as the summer heats up and more shows start coming out), and well, because NFW's doing it too. Yeah, JN, Renner and Pete Russo have all opened up threads where you ask them questions about eW and they answer them. Also, Theresa Quaranta's handler posted a thread where he demanded you don't ask him questions, but that's neither here nor there.

Aaaanyway, because I'm a soulless, unoriginal bastard and because I really like answering questions and expounding on why I feel the way I do concerning this great game we play, I'm opening up the floor. Ask me anything, and I'll answer those questions here on this blog.



The Lurker Below said...

1. Do you think any of the play-ins for the TIT actually stand a chance against their respective top seeds?

2. Do you think PTC's GTT7 will be a success or not? Do you feel that changing the format of said tournament will do any good, when it's tradition has always been single eliminations.

3. Why do you think it's so hard to find an event where both promo style writers and narrative story wrters can compete and be judged fairly? It seems that in FW, promo styles are king, and in PTC it's storyline, and anyone who does differently, puts themselves at a disadvantage

4. Excluding the big brands, and always famous places liek fWo and PRIME, what's a solid fed(s) with a good roster and atmosphere, but maybe not a lot of limelight, that you would like to see more people check out or apply to?

5. Are tag teams in efedding a thing of the past, or a thing that can only work by creating outrageous angles? Do you feel as if people don;t feel as proud to handle tag teams as they do singles? Or is it the lack of a community? or the perception that single(s) championships > team titles?


Anonymous said...

In hindsight, when looking back at first opening TEAM, is there anything that you'd change? If so, what?

Rage said...

Who do you think advanced to round 1 of TIT?
PTC vs FW in a trash talking contest. (ICly of course) Yay? nay?

A big, I mean big 256+ or 512 member roleplaying tournament from feds from every circle, even those email feds, and pay to play, because I hear writers from email feds > web feds. Think it could work?

GBJ said...

No questions right now, but for the bonus points, Martin says it to Nelson in the episode about the Springfield vs. Shelbyville feud. The Springfield kids are pairing off into teams for some plan or something.

Also, it's "Team Discovery Channel"

Thomas Ford said...

1.) Any chance of trying to handle in FWO land once more? I remember you got right in as the place faultered.

2.) How did you feel having to give up TEAM? Do you look at Team now and wish you were running it still? Not because of who replaced you, just because of your emotions.

3.) If you had to retire one of your characters, who would it be and why?

4.) If you could choose a character from another handler and force him to retirement, who would you choose?

5.) If you could build a federation around one handler, who would it be?

6.)What do you think of Ben/Tom Mason's radio shows through EWZine.com?

Anonymous said...

1) What do you make of the activity, or lack thereof at PTC?

2) Who is your favourite fWo character of this current comeback, old and new?

3) Have you managed to follow ACW since it's return, if so, what are your thoughts? If you haven't, why not?

4) In an average eW day, what sites do you visit?

Anonymous said...

Thrilling stuff, Holzer. Glad you linked me to it.