Monday, July 30, 2007

The Book On... Nova!

Note: I've been sitting on this for over a week. I'm just going to post it and edit in what I need later.

He's been tearing it up bigtime in the last couple of months, and odds are, if you're in PRIME or in a former PTC fed, you know who he is. But if you're from FW, A1 or somewhere else "over here," you may be wondering who this dynamo called Nova is coming in and winning everything he can get his funkadelic ass into. The ULTRATITLE and Tournament of Champions are two really big prizes, and he's netted them both. It's only fair that everyone, not just the PTC crowd, knows who this gifted and charismatic performer is.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 256 lbs.
Hometown: "The very center of Earth's Core, in the heart of the Chronic! The P.Funk! The BOMB!" -- George Clinton... I think that's somewhere around New Orleans if you ask me :p
Nicknames and Aliases: The Rising Star, the Risen Star, The Star-Screaming Mushroom-Eating King of Hallucination Nation

Description: - A picture is worth 1000 words:

Poser by Mat Waters

Signature Moves:

Bourbon for Breakfast - Imagine a fisherman's buster, only inverted; a rear-mounted, Curtain Call-type move, only with Nova hooking your leg and dropping you straight down on your head. Absolutely sick sounding, and surprised that I haven't seen this one done in Japan yet. Then again, I don't think I've scoured the vid-clip puro sites 100% thoroughly yet.

Cosmic Teardrop - Classic WWE-styled crowd popper from the sounds of it, something a cruiser might do. The opponent is facedown on the mat, and Nova grabs his legs, whips him up like an inverted wheelbarrow, grabs onto the shoulders when the victim is upright and sends him back down in a sort of Edge-O-Matic dealie. Sounds like a momentum changer as a face and a "rub-it-in" move as a heel.

Dying Star Drop - Nova's original finisher, a simple Fame-Asser. Probably a product of the 90s, when all those dX finishers were the rage, but it's definitely one that fits in Nova's moveset.

Caesarian Section - Simple enough, a scissored Dragon sleeper. It's not listed in his PRIME bio, but it would have fit the heel Nova really well, especially since he had listed his other arm was free for pounding about the stomach and chest areas.

Fed History: PRIME, NFW, PTC and TEAM Events, Advantage Wrestling, New Era Wrestling (not Edmunds' current one!), Universal Wrestling Federation, First Blood Wrestling, Xtreme Wrestling Coalition, Empire Wrestling (not Brunk's one!), other minor stops here and there.

Title/Award History: UWF World Heavyweight Champion, AW North American Championship, AW World Champion, NEW National Champion, PTC Extreme Champion (2x), PRIME Five-Star Champion (2x), PRIME Intense Champion, PRIME Universal Champion, NFW ULTRATITLE Champion for Season 2, TEAM Tournament of Champions '07 winner, Blog Wrestler of the Month for 3/07, other titles from the minor stop feds

To get a better handle on the history of the Nova character from the handler's POV himself, click here and follow the "History" link on the right sidebar.

Greatest Feud: I really can't say anything with any great accuracy. I'll get the 411 from Josh K., Matt Ward or one of the other PRIMEates soon and edit it in.

Required Reading:

The Tournament of Champions provides the best starting point:

The ULTRATITLE Finals RPs against Yori:

I hate the way the PRIME site is laid out so that you can't link to certain pages no matter how hard you try. Therefore, follow this link again. This time, click on "Promo Library" and scroll down for his list of PRIME RPs, including the one that won him the Universal Title at King of Kings.

Greatest Hits:

Nova, Tony Gamble, Jason Snow and Sonny Silver vs. Lindsay Troy, Danny Ferguson, Tchu and Killean Sirrajin - War Games Match, PRIME Overkill - Nova is the sole survivor and winner.... then gets laid out by Snow, Gamble and Chainz
Nova vs. Tchu (c) - PRIME Universal Championship Match, King of Kings - The Rising Star becomes Risen
Nova vs. Yori Yakamo Jr. - NFW WrestleBowl 2, Night 2, ULTRATITLE Finals - Nova comes of age "over here"
Nova vs. Vangelus Olsig (c) - PRIME ReVolution 101, Intense Championship Match - Nova ends the over-one-year-long reign of Olsig
Nova vs. JTF (c), Ozric Mortimer and Tyler Lopez - PRIME ReVolution 50, Five-Star Championship Match - Nova's first taste of PRIME gold
(Super)Nova vs. Big Poppa, Bronx and Rock Startling - AW Sole Survivor, AW World Championship match - Nova's first (?) World Championship

My Take on His Place in eW History: Nova, along with Lindsay Troy, is going to go down in history as the greatest cross-circuit character in these "early" days of interaction between PTC and FW. He's come "over here" and excelled at everything he's done thus far, and the thing is, it's not like he was King Shit over at PTC either. His rises here and there came at around the same time. To me, that's amazing. Most people take one area, dominate, and move on. I also think he does tons for comedy characters. Even though he's not totally a comedy character in and of himself, there are a lot of lighter-hearted elements in his RP and his demeanor. It goes to show that you don't have to write mafia epics, zomg so important pretentious texts or ├╝ber-serious promos about the game or hurting your opponents to be accepted. It allows more people to go in and be themselves instead of forcing something they're not in order to succeed. It'll take something pretty heinous for him not to be remembered as one of the all-time greats.


Lindsay said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Pic looks like a bald X-Pac. lol j/k

Lindsay said...

That was my deleted post up there. Anyway, you can directly link to RPs now, Tom. Ross did whatever Ross does and fixed that part of the site (now here's hoping he finds some free time to do the other stuff. :))

Here are four that I think are some of Chris' best over the past year, including the aforementioned King of Kings RP (and fuck you HHH >=))


Ultraviolence RP

ReVolution 129

Overkill RP

Pete said...

Chris was way fun to RP against. Speaking purely as a fan of storytelling, I think dropping the West finals to him was the best and most fitting way to end my run.

Anonymous said...

Direct links to PRIME RP's are available in the RP itself, linked off the title. (as of a couple of days ago)


Anonymous said...

Beau Michaels just sent word that yes, he would bang Nova.

Anonymous said...

Nova came of age on FWC during the Demolition Derby match he wrote for Flair/Nova, IMHO.

I will say that Flair vs. Nova should be on that list over all those matches except the WB2 Finals. . .

I'm not biased, only 'cause Chris would agree. >=)


Lindsay said...

I'd include Flair vs. Nova but I wouldn't put Flair vs. Nova over Nova vs. Tchu for the Universal Title, given the huge angle at the time. Sorry Katz. PRIME will always be Nova's home.

Anonymous said...

Ask Chris what he thinks. *shrugs*

Besides, I dislike about 99% of PRIME's cardwriting, RPs and general concept. Alot of the handlers are cool and good writers I'd imagine, but I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. . .unless you want me to get mean-spirited. ;)


Anonymous said...

I should probably clarify that 99% isn't an actual number, but I've never gotten into PRIME due to its RP style, and the cardwriting format is something I could never get into.

Obviously, I don't dislike PRIME folks considering they're in NFW as well.

Its apples and oranges. . . and I just happen to like oranges with my acid. ;)


Lindsay said...

If you hate PRIME, fine. But don't discount the big matches he's had there just because they're not your cup of ... coffee. >=) I don't want to get into a big nit-picky argument over it.

Maybe Nova will have bigger matches in NFW than the ones that Tom listed here. Who knows. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

Man, that poser is lame compared to his good one.

And seriously, Holzer, you really want people to READ WBII? Come on now.

Oh yeah, Nova rox.