Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Write-up roundup

Yep, show reviews. I'm breaking protocol and throwing up some quickie reviews for non-PPV events because, hey, I haven't done any kind of review in awhile and, well, I damn well feel like it.

- I know I probably should have started with this yesterday, but NEW's latest edition of Raucous hit the e-airwaves. Along with the most recent edition of EPW Aggression, this is required reading before you dive headling into the WrestleStock proceedings. A lot of buildup here, and a pretty good writeup for the main event. Yeah, I don't like the fact that there was a no-decision in the title match, but it did inject even more heat than was already there for the Night Two main. Sometimes you have to work in no-decisions in RPed matches to angle things along.

- NAPW's Tagstravaganza II was probably the biggie event that happened in the last week or so. Love the concept behind this event, two gauntlets with the winners facing off. I have to admit that I'm out of the loop concerning NAPW and Rebel, but I don't think you need to know that much. The cardwriters do a good job of filling everybody in. I thought there were a lot of good subplots in each match, and it definitely makes you want to "tune in" so to speak to the next NAPW or Rebel show. The attention paid to non-contending teams like the Celtic Assassins, the Murder City Devils and the Bluegrass Mafia is a prime example of why NAPW is the leader for tag team wrestling, and that's saying something given that EPW, PRIME and A1E all have strong divisions or are in the process of building them.

- Speaking of PRIME, ReVolution 127, live, on the air. I do have to say I'm enjoying really everything surrounding the main event angle. Given the players involved, I'm not surprised. Paranoid Jason Snow is a great twist on the character as well, and it should provide for some sparks after this angle's over. Good to see Chainz get injected here, as he's long overdue for a main event push, AWC or PRIME. I kinda enjoyed the Shakur/Sun Tzu stuff too. The first segment was pretty good, but I thought the attack on Gamble was a bit too inside-jokey and ridiculous. I'm also still not a fan of reprinting song lyrics in toto for entrances. It's not a good match extender... it's just annoying. I like the idea of combining the titles, and the segments worked for me. What doesn't work for me though are these extreme injuries that should take people out for long amounts of time. I mean, Dusk gets shot and he still comes back to win the Intense Title? Pierce Lavelle gets thrown out of a second story window and isn't out for an extended period of time? I'm all for going above and beyond the boundaries of what you can do in "real" wrestling, but some of this is too ridiculous even for my tastes. I feel like PRIME is a mixed bag right now.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I had planned to reply to your feedback post about how you should really just post whatever's on your mind, as honesty makes for better reading. I still believe that, but at the same time, stuff like this really, really rules. Gives everyone a chance to glance at things they might not be paying attention to. Awesome work.

- Dave (Jason Snow)