Monday, May 21, 2007

What You Want (And an explanation of why I haven't been giving it to you lately)

Well, I'd like to say first and foremost thank you to everyone who's filled out the feedback survey so far. If you haven't, please do. I hope there are more readers out there who have opinions, mainly on the state of the blog. I do take suggestions to heart, and while I still do like to write about the state of the hobby and writing theories, I understand that some people *cough*Katz*cough* don't like to read that. I'm not going to stop writing about that completely, but coming from the comments I've seen so far in the feedback, many people would rather see the fed reviews and happenings reported.

Truthfully, I like to write about the happenings and show feedback myself. If I didn't, I don't think that Colossus, Coast to Coast or Golden Dreams would have gotten the attention that they did. I just really haven't had a lot of time to sit down and really dissect a wrestling write-up, even for feds that I'm in. I skim results, look for the finishes and major angles, and then it's onto the next order of business, usually RPing or organizing something for TEAM.

Yes, TEAM. Katz said that TEAM has killed this blog, and whether it's because I stopped writing about things he likes to see or my frequency has dropped down to historically slow levels (even then, compared to the rest of you blog-slackers, I'm freaking Mike Stanton, circa 2002), he could be right. Really, I've spent a lot of time making sure that my tournaments are running smoothly and that my trains are running on time. Not an unfair thing to ask of a fedhead really, but I do realize I've probably spread myself so thin across the eW spectrum that I can only really devote myself to one thing fully at a time. Then work comes along and I get tossed onto a hectic schedule where I'm commuiting 90 minutes to Freehold, NJ, and a lot of my free time gets sapped.

To say that I don't have the time though... maybe that's a misnomer. I allocate my time very poorly when it comes to eW. A lot of times, I get sucked into those theoretical debates with the mental midgets over at W3:16. I know I shouldn't, because they're not worth my time, but I can't stand to see people pontificate about things and not be pontificated back at. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I spend a lot of time at other message boards too... time spent looking at forums that don't update very frequently. I could be looking at shows, but my mind gets so fried from work and from other things that I really don't have the energy to concentrate through an entire show nowadays. Is that my fault? Yeah, it is, but it's something that I will work on to bring you a better product.

So, in closing:

TEAM + RPing + Work + Dicking around the Internet = No fed reviews.

I can't help the first three. My duties lie to the people who RP for me, the people I RP for and of course, my real life obligations (which do far outweigh the other two). But the last one is something I need to stop anyway. Seriously, there are only so many times I can call someone out on their ignorant, misguided views on how FW feds are all "'I better than u,' 'no, EYE better than u'" and boring headlocks all the time.

So... there's a pledge from me. More constructive content, more fed reviews. But if something theoretical comes up and I feel like I want to discuss it, well Katz, you're probably just going to have to skip it :p


SamL said...

If you stop blogging, you'll have more time to do fed reviews.

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