Saturday, February 10, 2007

A1E's Tag Team Tournament Challenge

Remember way back when I blogged about Jarret taking over A1E and said he had a big announcement on the first Warfare after Bloody New Year? Well...

Here it is.

For the benefit of those who don't like the clicky-clicky treatment, basically A1E has thrown out there an open challenge to any tag team in the eW universe, regardless of the fed you're in. Big Dog and Dan Ryan, the current Tag Team Champions, have held the titles for almost (over?) a year now, and the challengers are getting pretty thin. Although the announcement included a decree allowing all wrestlers to hold singles gold and the Tag Titles at the same time, this is still one of the best ways short of doing a fed-wide Lethal Lottery to jumpstart the division. Any team is eligible. Any team. That's right, your tag team is eligible if you want it to be :p

Now, to keep this from being an out-and-out shill for the home company, I'm going to list a few teams that I'd like to see come out of the woodwork for this event.

The New and Improved DX - Yes, I know they're broken up by rule in NAPW, but that doesn't mean they can't team elsewhere ;). They've been the dominant tag team of the last 6 months in eW, and I think they'd be at the very least co-favorites to win should they enter.

The Cameron Cruise Project - Cruise is already in A1E, and Melton's been there before. Despite Steve leaving on somewhat bad terms, I'm sure that Jarret and co. would be more than receptive to a reconciliation and such.

Silver and GOLD - Even though this means Lindz would have to answer the yearly call for her to re-enter A1E :p, I think this would be a fun pairing. Lindz has history with the Tag Straps, and Seth's probably one of the best pure promo guys in the business.

The Furious Fists of God - Seeing that I just recently turned Sam on to the Dark Side of Wrestling Promo RPs :p and that the Fists were natural trash-talkers in segments in the departed AWC, I think this might be a good idea. Sure, their gimmick is a bit controversial, and the A1 world has bristled at outwardly racist characters before (I got more flak about letting Johnny Morgan run in UXW than Bryon probably got, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it again if I had the chance), but I still think they'd be better welcomed than not.

Rob and Jacob Franklin - Rob's been one of the newer additions to eW in the last year, and he's shown some promise. Don't believe me? Read this. He's giving Dan Ryan a much more stiff challenge than anyone would have expected. I think he should give this a run.

The Sheffield Wednesday Lot - Don't let the fact that they're not terribly over in MBE fool you. They're booker run characters. This is one of the funnest, most creative gimmicks I've seen in awhile, and if Bill and Jeff really put their minds to it, they could walk out the A1E Tag Team Champions


Lindsay said...

Even though this means Lindz would have to answer the yearly call for her to re-enter A1E :p

*in Lumburgh voice* Yeahhhhh, I'm just not sure about that right now...especially since Jarret can't be bothered to make the A1E website Firefox friendly.



OR AM I?! :p

Beast said...
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Beast said...

Stupid me can't post a comment right.

But yeah, it's not my fault FireFox sucks.

And having S&G in the tag tourney would be awesome.

Jason Payne said...

What? No love for the Dogs of War?

Lindsay said...

No, Swift, now go back to your hole!

Jason Payne said...

Yipes! Yes ma'am!

Beast said...

I like dogs. Who cares if they fight a little? Bring em on over!

Rob Franklin said...

Wow, I got a mention in the big man's blog...that's always nice. Keep up the good work with the blog, and I'll keep on reading.

Rob Franklin AKA: Rob Franklin

Sam L. said...

Fists ain't comin' back for a while. I don't want to get too comfy in this dark, scary place known as promo-style wrestling :P