Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A new (old) idea

Everybody's obsessed with what goes on backstage. With the rise of the Internet, many wrestling fans have become "smart," and because of that, the writers in Stamford have gone away from traditional, in-ring mic spots and gravitated towards faux-impromptu backstage segments, where wrestlers have conversations as if they weren't being watched by a camera (or as if they were being watched by a camera but know that the scenarios are scripted and they're only playing a role rather than buying into the notion of living their character for the time they're on screen). Because of this shift, and because this shift has happened within the last 10 years (with myself only being in the hobby for 6 and change), I've noticed that a good 80-95% of all segments are of this "edgier" backstage variety, which is fine. In the FW side of things, this lack of promos on the writeups is more than made up for in the RP stage.

But then again, in other circles, RPing has taken a different direction. It's more about the storylines rather than wrestling promos. This is fine too, once again, I'm not bashing the type or style of RPing. I wouldn't be doing it if I thought it bad. However, the focus on segments hasn't gravitated towards the wrestling promo. It's like you get one set of storylines on the write-ups, and you get another dosage of storyline, be it the same as in the shows or something completely different, in RPs.

I've always said that the soul of eW is in the art of cutting a promo, and I feel like everyone in the hobby would be better for being able to write a monologue for their character that incorporates elements of talking trash, putting over events, putting over storylines in their characters' own words and puffing their own characters up. I also believe that RPing in PTC and other like-minded circles doesn't necessarily have to be in promo style to be sound eW fodder. So, how can a fed that features storyline RPing still retain its soul?

Well, I think that feds like that should try a new concept; they should have it so that their shows only contained wrestling matches and either in-ring or backstage promos, straight up monologues with or without interviewers. Any interactions between wrestlers outside of matches on the show would have to be set up in interview segments. Set it up like it's a real sport and bring back kayfabe.

Then, if you want to run the other storylines, the ones that involve the more "candid" shots of your characters, do it in RPs. Put over the behind the scenes stuff in the RPs, since in those kinds of feds they're meant to be behind the scenes anyway.

Honestly, I think the first fed who does that will be the most successful in bringing in crossover talent and bringing balance back to eW. There's a way to make things about both wrestling and writing.

And besides... it's always fun to talk a little smack ;)


Anonymous said...

Do you get into relationships to change people, or to grow with them? ;)


Sam L. said...

"Do you get into relationships to change people, or to grow with them?"

Fucking brilliant.

Tom Holzerman said...

Actually, I tie them up and leave them in the basement. Is that wrong?

Seriously though, it's just an idea. Sure, I probably worded it strongly, but that doesn't mean I'm boycotting feds if they don't do it. But I really think it's a neat way to combine the writing and wrestling aspects of things.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the idea. It would make it easier for both sides of the coin (since we're really all just opposite sides of a giant coin floating through the microcosm of existence) to work together if nothing else, and we'd each be able to learn from the other - and that's a good thing ^_^



Tom, I'm gonna blow you up with a crazy fucking cannon.

Hyde said...

You should follow Global, Tom. The ratio of in-rings to backstage segments there is very high indeed; it's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the percentage of PTC that wants to write in this style.

Seems silly to me to open a fed like this on PTC, if I'm going to spend more time recruiting reliable/motivated handlers.

The better idea IMHO is for a PTC fed to have a recurring quarterly show with this concept.

Something like Clash of the Champions in the good 'ol Dubya See Dubya.

I truly believe that 90% of PTC is there for the roleplaying environment, while 10% would enjoy more 'wrestling' in their feds.