Monday, December 11, 2006

AWC closes

For those who don't know, AWC closed tonight. Hyde posted the second half of Triangles (which I haven't been able to bring myself to read yet), and then posted a note about AWC closing on the PTC forums.

The decision stunned me, especially since I was finally hitting my stride. So many other guys were hitting theirs too; it looked like 2007 might have been the year we made a run at the other top PTC feds.

However, Hyde is legitimately busy with schoolwork. College comes first. Real life comes first. That's been my mantra all along, and I won't change it now, even with this devastating blow to the PTC community. I don't agree with the decision to close, but this is Hyde's baby... we can't force him to give it up or continue to work on it. If this is how he wants to end it, then so be it.

Right now though, even in my state of shock, I choose not to remember the time I spent in AWC with sadness. I choose to remember the happy times, the good things, the stories and angles and matches. I'll remember Facey, Murphy, Paddy, Wade, Darcy, Anton, Pierce, Chainz, GBJ, the Fists, Aimz, Ellis, Red Rock, Afeaki... the Stanislav swerve, Prometheus, the Empire, Sasha, Pearl, Chainz going nuts, the Jewel of the Seas...

AWC is dead. Long live AWC.


AWC said...

That last line seems to have become the mantra for talking about the end of AWC, and I fully endorse it. Thank you for your input to AWC, Tom - the Captain was certainly one of our best and most valuable characters, and you brought something to AWC that we never knew we were missing. I know this isn't as appropriate to you as it is to others because you handle in other feds too, but nonetheless I hope AWC continues to live on in some small part of you. And you'll be back for the reunion show, right?!

All the best, and keep this fantastic blog going.

mick said...

damn, I miss it already...I have some great memories. I'm still resentful, I feel betrayed to selfishness and unreasonableness but I guess i've got to let it go. Tom, it's been a pleasure and I hope to see you in a fed with me again soon.

Fergus said...

It was a great place and it will be remembered for any number of reasons for many people. It will not be forgotten and it makes me proud to know that.

And please Mick, we get your point by now, you don't have to keep airing it out for people to see. We know.