Monday, November 27, 2006

More Random Notes!

- Let us welcome a new addition into the E-fed Blogring.


Yep, Shane Carnes has jumped on the bandwagon. Please prod him and tell him to be more active than the rest of the peanut gallery (Phil, Jeff, Dave, Jarret, looking in all your directions...).

- Please keep Joe Steppel, handler of AWC's Gabriel Afeaki, in your thoughts and/or prayers. He was in a car accident, and has been laid up for a few months now, thusly explaining his absence from the fed. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for him.

- If you might have noticed, there was a request put in for guest bloggers the last time I did Reader Participation Night on here. I sent out the call to both Lindz and Jeff P., but neither one has come up with anything. If you have something you want to get off your chest about someone or something in eW, if you have a show to review, if you want to give props to anyone or if you plain just want to write about writing (always fun!), then drop me a line. Don't feel inhibited; just post a comment or hit me up via PM, e-mail or IM (although I'm pretty scarce on the last one lately), and I'll most likely be amenable to your subject. One thing. No outright fed shills or recruiting calls. While I use the blog now and again for TEAM shilling, well a) it's my blog and b) I also provide tons and tons of non-shill related content. I don't want this blog to be an advertising post for your fed without having any kind of substantial content. Don't get me wrong, I'll be more than happy to let you feature your own fed, but if you're going to guest-blog about your own fed, then please at least take the time to write a substantial puff-piece :p

- This week should be huge with AWC and MBE set to have PPVs posted. AWC will be posting Triangles, their ├╝ber-gimmicked PPV, and MBE will be crowning a World Champion at Total Elimination. Anyway, if you want my picks for the mains in each one here goes. In AWC, I like GBJ to come away with the Transatlantic Championship, Pierce Lavelle to take the Briefcase of Truth, and for the second year in a row, Jack Murphy to come away with the Grand Slam Package (and that means I think he'll come away with the Frontier-Relentless Championship too... absolutely no disrespect intended to Darcy Crisis, who I think should be shunted right into a main event program with the TA Champion after Triangles. Mega-talented writer, and he should take the next step in 2007). In MBE, I like Justin Evitable over Doc Silver for the MBE World Championship, although it is a devilishly close match. In the Contender's spot, I like Jogi Fresh over Duchess, and I'm looking forward to two MBE originals duking it out in the first program for the newly reinstated Big Gold Belt.

- I'll be taking bets on who the next big name to debut for PRIME will be. With name after name after name debuting in the last few months (Sonny Silver, Jason Snow, Angelo Deville, Rich Rollins, Xavier Kannon - albeit for only one match - Hessian , Ember and now Lindsay Troy, although technically she's only coming back after a short hiatus), it seems like PRIME has reached WWF in 1998 form, the place where everyone wants to be. Should be interesting because there are still a few unknowns left in the JITC Tournament (and if you want my pick for that... Tony "The Grin" Gamble ekes it out).


Anonymous said...

Tommy...I'll write up an Efed blog guest spot for you.

Shane Irishred

Trent Gill said...

Word on the street is that Kurt Angle is debuting next in PRIME.

Lindsay said...

I still plan on doing a guest blog entry. Just been short on ideas and time as of late.

Anonymous said...

More than happy to write a one-off guest blog thingy if you want. Might be fun and give me a break from writing about Medieval East Anglian history and writers.