Thursday, November 30, 2006

MBE Total Elimination

It's up!

I have to say, thoroughly enjoyable read. I thought it was a great show from a matchwriting standpoint, and a fantastic show from an angle standpoint. Congrats go out to Stanton for capturing the MBE World Championship with Doc Silver. That, surprisingly enough, wasn't the biggest thing that happened.

All the HoF stuff was jaw-dropping. From A kicking the shit out of Ryuji after the Red stuff to Promo joining that alliance, I thought everything was executed well. Fedheads take note, if you're running a fedwide angle, take it from Bill and Jeff (especially Bill), seeing as MBE was known for them back in the day. They prove they still have it.

I also don't know who's handling Ravage, but hopefully, it's the guy who originally handled him. If it is... then it proves that no one, and I mean no one, stays retired in this hobby forever without making at least one comeback. It would be great for MBE if that was the case, seeing as Kev was one of the great handlers from v. 1.0, and it's good to see a mix of old (myself, Andy, Brian, Shane G., Jeff, Bill, Chris [Justin's handler], Mat H., Jean) and new (Stanton, Shane C., the dudes who are handling Mason, O'Malley and CFC).

Of course, more new handlers to MBE would be nice, but right now, we've got something good.


Jeffrey Paternostro said...

Man, that bastard Bill Dempsey writes one thing and he gets credit for the whole show.

Demps said...

No, I get credit for being a fed-wide angle genius. Watch and learn, Paternostro. Watch and learn.