Tuesday, October 17, 2006


First up, we have AWC's Untouchable pay-per-view. I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, save the intro which is another shot in the ongoing IC battle with PRIME, but when I do, you know I'll post thoughts. I wasn't involved in this event at all, but I've got something big coming up in AWC. You won't wanna miss it.

Next up, it's time for some GTT6 results goodness. Now if you're familiar with the result posting style, you know that they don't post it in wrestling write-up format but by just posting the judges' in-depth (or in some cases, not-so-in-depth :p) feedback. Honestly, I've always thought this hurts the event in terms of showcasing, but it keeps the trains running on time I suppose. Here they are by bracket, the first three.


Now, thoughts by bracket.

- Starting with Eeyore, there weren't very many surprises here. Dr. C and Facey both won, although I'm a bit disappointed that Oxios, who's becoming a favorite character of mine in PRIME, and Josh Moody, who has a lot of supporters, didn't show. Of course, I expected the Flyer/Watson match to be close, and it was. I think if PTC didn't know before how awesome either one of these guys are, they know now. It's a shame one of them had to go home, but I can't wear my Dan West fandom on my sleeve and say how much of a bummer it is that he lost because I still haven't read Ford's RP. Still, the Watson piece was fantastic and it just goes to show how versatile a writer Dan is.

- Rabbit, aka the "Sleeper Bracket", and once again, no surprises. Ember, Tigera, the Prophet all advanced. Kinda surprised that Axel Action got shut out, but Bobino does have an IG win under his belt. Another point of contention was the use of Mentok the Mindtaker, who's actually a real character in Harvey Birdman. With all the hullaballoo about plagiarism, I'm surprised they let him in, but I saw that this one is the last time it's going to happen. Honestly, I think if you're going to play someone just as he is on a TV show, then you should RP him in an arena that involves that TV show. People don't try to RP as Hulk Hogan or even a created wrestler character in Star Trek RP circles. I mean, be somewhat original.

- Piglet... Matt, I'm so sorry for jinxing you. I didn't think it would take effect this early, despite the fact that you were going up against VJ. Damn randomizer! I'll make it up to you somehow, even if I have to airlift a case of beer out to where you're at. I wasn't surprised to see Sage win, but I was absolutely shocked to see that Rollins didn't even get a single vote. He didn't lose a single judge last year, and he doesn't win one this year. How screwy is that? Can't say I'm surprised about the other results, but I'm pretty dismayed at the double no-show.

- Speaking of the double no-show, this means at least one person will get a chance for a play-in spot. You've got so many deserving candidates: Tchu, Rollins, Ron Mexico, Axel Action, Hunter Jones, Watson... who is going to get it? Or will it come from one of the 1B losers? When you're going to get someone losing from matches such as YYJ/Sirrajin, Almasy/Kimbusa and K-Wolf/DM just to name a few, then you've really got a deep field to choose from. Right now, it'd be a tossup between Tchu and Watson, mainly for selfish reasons. Tchu because I picked him to win it all, dammit, and Watson because I'm a mark for Dan West and the Watson character.

Finally, we have the business of a returning fed's first PPV back from hiatus. MBE presents Awakenings, and I have to say it was a solid show. For one, it was something different than the "smarkish" writeups we've been seeing for the TV shows.

One huge strength for this card is the angle and feud building and heat retention for everyone involved. Such attention is paid to details for each feud and angle, evident in the main event, the PbPro Quintuple Crown match and the CJD/El Terrible match. I also thought that they did a great job of keeping everyone's heat intact, the shining example here being Justin Evitable looking like a Champ against Doc Silver even in defeat.

However, I think the writeups themselves were a little rusty. Of course, Jeff P. had to write five matches by himself (and I'm still waiting for my Tag Team Championship writeup, dammit!), so that will sap someone for sure, but once again, I'm not a huge fan of the alternating narrative/PBP style. Stick with one, preferably PBP seeing that the banter between Till and Dr. P was OUTSTANDING.

I'd give this a solid 3.5 out of 5, which is pretty good considering it was the first PPV back since the MBE Cup finals, and they got it out in good time. Things are looking up for the fed as long as people get up off their duffs and start joining and RPing.


Lindz said...

I really hope Dan gets a play-in sometime down the road for GTT.

Tom Holzerman said...

Actually, he just did. Him and Rollins.

Dan West said...

Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool

Jeffrey Paternostro said...

Chris Skorowonski gets full credit for the ElTII/CJD match. He did an outstanding job and kept my head from completely exploding.

As for the tag match, BLAME BILL.