Friday, September 22, 2006

UCW Scars 'n Stripes

Reader Shane C. from West Virginia, Pittsburgh, or whatever part of the sticks of the Applachians he's from :p, requested a review of UCW's latest PPV, Scars 'n Stripes. Now, for those who want to invoke the last entry, well, that was specifically for folks who are in feds that I don't currently cover. Didn't say anything about the ones I already do. Plus, I try to review all the PPVs, and I just missed on this one.

I did read the show as it came out. I thought it was a solid effort overall, not anything bad, but not their best card either. I'm not going to break this down hardcore, but I will give it some detailed thought.

First up, new additions to the roster. For one, I'm glad to be a part of UCW again. I know I kinda flaked out twice in the past, hopefully three times will be the charm. Hopefully, Jimmy has more juice left than Braumeister or BA had. The other big debut was Shawn Hart. Great addition for the fed if Ryan's got his legs under him.

Onto the matches... I thought there was something lacking here. I can't put my finger on it. The undercard was solid, but something was missing. The main event was well-written though. Congrats to Stanton for capturing the World Title again. The First is a pretty entertaining character, and he's a good anchor for the fed. Hopefully someone new can step up to challenge him though. Maybe Cameron Cruise?

Two other big things happened. One, we found out that BGB isn't Midnight Rider. I'm pretty intruiged as to who he is now. Plus the segments with him and Cloverleaf were amusing. The other big thing that happened was that Bryan Storms defected to UCW. I'm not sure what this does to the rest of the MCW invaders, but there's definitely some heat between them. It's all up to Rob Franklin and Nakhita Dahaka to step up and make a feud out of it.

I'd probably give this show three and a half stars out of five. Solid effort, something to build off of. Shane's been through so much with this fed with server issues and his co-booker crapping out on him, but I think he has things on the right track.

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Jamar said...

I'm marking out hard for the name of the PPV. I'll put that in the 'I wish I thought of that' file.