Thursday, September 07, 2006

GTT6 on the horizon... I need some advice ;)

Yep, GTT6 was formally announced sometime today on the PTC boards. For those who don't know, GTT is their big annual tournament where a bunch of folks from all over the e-fed universe get together in single elimination style. It once stood for Golden Turnbuckle Tournament, but I'm not sure if that's the appelation for it or if it's just simply GTT. Anyway, it's not just open to PTC members. There's a whole bunch of spots open for free agents, so if you're not in a PTC fed and you don't mind writing storyline RPs in narrative format, then give it a whirl. You'll have a good time.

Speaking of which, last year was my first time in the tournament and I lost miserably in the first round. I entered Maggot, since he's my NFW guy, but now, I'm firmly entrenched in a PTC fed, AWC, as Captain Suleimon. (BTW, Coast to Coast has finally been posted, and once I get through it, expect a full review). My original plan was to enter Suleimon, but now I'm not so sure. I've been finding it tough enough as it is to RP him in AWC, especially since I'm nearing the end of my current RP arc as him and am still struggling to find ideas for the next one which will have to carry me for another few months there. I don't want to run the risk of burning him out.

Yet on the other hand, I want to represent AWC. No one seems to want to rep them come tournament time. Last year, we had Red Rock and Paddy O'Shea enter. I don't have the stats in front of me, but it seemed like they were the only guys from AWC to throw their hats in. This year, I'm not sure who is interested. I'm sure Josh and Mick will want to try again, but then again, maybe they're facing burnout issues too. Who knows. Regardless, with Gabriel Afeaki, Garbage Bag Johnny, Pierce Lavelle, Chainz, Aimz, Darcy Crisis, Anton Assault and of course, the incomparable Jack Murphy on the roster, we have more than enough guys to go in and kick ass. The question is... will we have the drive to enter guys to represent? If not, then I would certainly feel obliged.

So that's my dilemma... do I go with my best chance to win the tournament, which is to enter a character with fresher "PTC legs," especially since I have some ideas in mind for some of them (JA and Roderick McRatrick especially... but I don't think I want to unleash Roddy on them for GTT)? Or do I go with loyalty to my PTC fed and a character who right now has a hot hand in the fed but whose entry MAY (not definitely, but may) burn out and cost AWC that momentum in-fed and in the interfed.

All relevant feedback is welcomed :)


Jeffrey Paternostro said...

I think we all know the answer here is to graciously give up your spot to the YORobot.

Tom Holzerman said...

You're not helping matters any.

Mick said...

mmm to be honest Tom, if you enter as a character you're really comfortable with, although you'll be labelled a FA, people will still identify you as AWC. Last year I represented AWC but PRIME still claimed me etc. etc.

I'm wondering myself whether to enter...have to check how much time I have on my hands but i'd LOVE to do it.

Lindz said...

Enter Roderick McRatrick. ;)

But you probably want to win. :p I say go with the one you're most comfortable writing with. It'll make it easier on you and you'll have more fun.

Dillon said...

I think you should concentrate more on your internet gimmick of alienating people through unfounded reasoning.

But that's just me.

Andy said...

You don't necessarily have to write in one particular style, BTW. People have had success with script style promos about all sorts of crazy shit.


Hyde said...

I'm 99% sure we had more like 4-6 entrants last year. I'll check at some point. Tom, we'd love to have you represent AWC but do whatever suits you best!