Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MBE's Rebirth

Wednesday Night Warfare... in Meltzer-speak

My first impression of the writeup style was negative. I felt it was a little too hard to follow, a little dense, a little too much like reading Meltzer, who for all his prowess at reporting news is a HORRIBLE writer. I read through it a bit again though, and then I started to get it a little better. I think maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing results a certain way. You may remember that I really didn't like the way ACW/fWo/LoC and the angle feds of their ilk wrote matches at first, but now, not only do I enjoy those kinds of matches, I find myself preferring to write in that style. This style indeed is innovative when it comes to e-wrestling.

The other huge plus is that it helps keep things moving at a good pace if it's easier for Jeff to write than matches altogether. It did seem like there was a lot of action going on for what should have been a recap. That was good in a sense because you get leave a lot less to the imagination when it comes to official interactions. You don't have guys filling in blanks in promos that may embellish what would have happened in the match had Jeff wrote it out completely to his vision. However, I think they should be careful not to put too much in the recaps or else they'll become as unweildly as writing regular cards.

As for what happened in the show, I thought there was some good groundwork being laid. Yamada's speech was effective, although waiting three months for a Champion makes me a little antsy. That anxiousness is outweighed by the old-school feel of slowly building to a climax. That and the fact that the title is being decided by a league play set-up. That will be sweet in and of itself.

I also have to say that they hit a homerun with the YoROBOT/Cox/Silver/Dildo ridiculousness. It might have been a lot funnier if it was fully written out, but I feel enough of it came through in the writeups to leave an effective mark on the readers.

All in all a solid effort, and I'm looking forward to seeing what lies in MBE's future.


Jeffrey Paternostro said...

It's actually only going to be about two months for a champion, give or take.

Anyways, Bill will write most of the next one, so it will probably be way better.

And I am slightly annoyed you made me come over here instead of posting this in the actual thread I set up for feedback, shameless page hit generator.

hyde said...

I'm marking out for Sheffield Wednesday.