Sunday, July 23, 2006

You want old school?

This message goes out to EVERYONE, but...

It seems that the buzz on both EWN and especially on PTC is that people wanna go back to the old school. Back when RPing meant trash talking and not writing page after page of storyline stuff. I keep trying to say that there's a whole world out there dedicated to old school, where in their minds, time has stood still, right here at FW Central.

Well, if you guys really want to hit up the old school, there isn't any better time to do it than now. Chad Merritt and Sean Edmunds are giving out the chances of a lifetime in their respective feds, the granddaddy of them all, the CSWA and the newer school NEW. They're holding ALL COMERS WELCOME events with gold and shots at gold on the line. I hate to sound like a used car salesman, but that's right, you can walk right off the proverbial street and come away with a piece of CSWA gold or a shot at the NEW World Heavyweight Championship.

On the CSWA front, it was announced that the fed's landmark event, Anniversary would have only two matches, but these two matches would comprise of an event called the Gold Rush. The in-character description of this is that there's going to be five rings, set up so that there are four outer rings and one inner ring. It's basically going to look like the five on a die. In the middle ring, UNIFIED Champion Troy Windham stands alone. On the four outer rings, any and all comers will compete. In three of the outer rings, there will be the three CSWA singles Champions below the UNIFIED holder (Jericoholic Anonymous, Greensboro; Jay Phoenix, Presidential; Kin Hiroshi, United States). In the fourth ring, there will be no Champion. Now the winners of each battle royale in each of the outer rings will advance to the midle ring. In each of the three rings that has one of the secondary Champions, the winner will also come away with that title belt. In the ring with no Champion in it, the winner will receive a sort of "Money in the Bank" that he can use as a shot to ANY CSWA Championship if he doesn't succeed in the second part of the match.

Now, in that aforementioned second part of the match, it's a five-way dance amongst Windham and the four winners for the biggest prize in all of e-wrestling, the UNIFIED Championship, which represents not only the CSWA but about 50 other leagues from the old-school Prodigy days.

Does that sound tempting enough for you? No? You want something a little mor straightforward? Well then, have I got the solution for you!

NEW's BattleBRAWL, which is like their Royal Rumble, has opened entries to all-comers as well. If you win, you get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Jonathan Marx. It'll be you vs. 29 other competitors, some of the best the FW world has to offer. Add that to the fact that Edmunds is a terriffic fedhead who's gotten some pretty big name talent from across the spectrum to compete for him. Not only does he have the FW elite, he's also got Kyle handling Turk, the LoC Underground Champion, there in the short term as well as Sean Williams, who you may know better as Seymour Almasy, Thanatos, Kenjiro Ito or Logic, handling a sumo named Ozeki.

And on top of that, Edmunds will be doing something that I think takes a lot of patience and passion for the game to do. He's going to a "live broadcast" of the BattleBRAWL results via an AIM chat room. He's set up seperate screen names for all of his announcers and he's going to do it like it's a real live wrestling show in a chat room. I think this is woth joining and following just for that.

Seriously folks, you can't go wrong entering either event. I know I'm going to have a ball with the Gold Rush, and I would be having one with BattleBRAWL, but I'm not participating. Why? Because I'm going to be in the NEW World Title match at BattleBRAWL. So there's another added bonus. If you win BattleBRAWL, there's a good chance you might be facing ME for the NEW World Championship, and I know there's more than a few of you out there who'd like to take me down a peg or two ;)

So if you really want to go old school and you want a chance to win some gold, try Gold Rush, BattleBRAWL, or what I strongly recommend, both! Trust me, you'll have a blast.

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Jeffrey Paternostro said...

Or you could just sign up for MBE, which is old school like a mutha.