Saturday, June 10, 2006

PTC vs. Archibald MacGregor: THE PPV~!

What's this in the pipeline? An Interfed PPV from PTC?

Here's the forum on the PTC boards.

Now, before I get into hyping this, a commentary.

I've been saying for awhile that the interfed is the best part about the PTC communities. The best way for any group of feds to grow is interaction among them, and events like this are the best way for interaction to happen. In the year or so that I've been a member at PTC, this is the first time I've seen them hold an I-fed PPV. Of course, I really didn't pay much attention to the I-fed section of the site until we got to GTT5, but that was in November or so.

The point is, events like these should happen at least four times a year. Make 'em regular events, center them around different happenings. Build your I-fed titles into something everyone from every member fed wants to achieve, not just something the forum regulars want to have.

Regardless though, I'm very much looking forward to the PPV. Now, let's preview~!

The Official Pete Gimmick Match for 2006!

When I first read about this match, I laughed my ass off for about 15 minutes. Then I made the conscious decision that I wanted... nay, needed to be involved in this match.

Basically, this match is a throwback to 1999... ie, the days of Geocities and Angelfire, where character rip-offs abounded and how much HTML you used was the way you won instead of your promos. The lineup of folks for this match so far is pretty good, so I expect this to be an entertaining read all around. I'm not picking a winner here because really, the winner is going to be the fans :p

PTC Tag Team Championship Match

At this point, the only ones who've been confirmed for the match are The Furious Fists of God from AWC and Team Baked, representing GCW. It's more a commentary on the sad state of tag teaming in e-fedding right now than apathy towards this match, I think, but hey, we got two really good teams going at it. Should be a heated match, and I'm picking The Furious Fists of God to take this one home.

PTC Global Championship Match

The big title is taking a backseat this PPV, but that's okay, seeing that the Extreme Title is the reason why this event's happening. We know about Uber Judge and what he brings to the table. Handled by Ben Morrow, aka the most eccentric mind in e-fedding today, he's dominated the IG and defeated the GTT5 winner for this title. Shadow has made quite the mark in her home fed of GCW, and she also went pretty far in last years GTT.

So who wins here? I'm gonna take Uber Judge, because there's no way he's losing this on his first defense.

PTC Extreme Championship Clusterfuck

It would be good to list everyone who's in this so far.

The Champion is Archibald MacGregor, ie, PTC Public Enemy #1.

AWC's representative is Relentless Champion Red Rock.

PRIME's sending Karina Wolfenden

GCW is sending their U.S. Champion, Vivica J. Valentine.

Global's got Kyo Kushinaga.

XUW will give this match CW2 Winner Cereal Killer.

And last but not least, FUSE is going to send their Custom Chaos Champion, Tigera.

Quite the impressive list, which is also pending one more addition. Maybe it'll be Brandon Youngblood, who still has an ET shot lined up from a previous event. Maybe it'll be PTC admin nominee Jake Hix, who along with K-Wolf, has also put up quite the effort in the ToC. Maybe it'll be someone completely different. But until then, this is the Super Seven.

Now, who's going to come out of this match? Well, looking at that list, I narrow it down to four.

There's K-Wolf, who is considered one of the top characters in the entire e-fedding universe let alone PRIME or PTC. Dan West is even a fan now. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say she's the favorite, but I wouldn't say she's the overwehelming favorite.

Not with Cereal Killer lurking about. He won a major PTC tournament, defeating McGregor in the process, so he's got the historical stroke here.

Then, there's the darkhorse, Red Rock. I've been reading his work in AWC for a while, and he's got the stuff to compete with the heavyweights. I wouldn't be shocked if this was his coming out party in the interfed, but I don't think he's going to take it home.

That's right, because I think the winner of this match is going to be Archibald MacGregor. I like his confidence, saying that the only way he loses if it's a no-show. Usually, when the hunted isn't scared like that, he knows a way to get out of the hairiest of situations. Despite the caliber of the hunters chasing him, I think he's got a trick or two up his sleeve.

Besides, this is all he's got. The other guys have duties within their feds.

So there you have it. The Fists, UJ and MacGregor.

And before I sign off on this entry, in other PTC news, Al (handler of Hoyt Williams) has an idea for an old-school fed to join the ranks of PTC's member feds. I think it's a great idea, although I would have liked to have seen what some of those guys could do in... say, EPW or NFW's Eastern Conference, but hey, it's still a good idea. I'll be following it here, and hopefully, it takes off and perhaps leads to some spillover into the feds.

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