Friday, April 07, 2006

MCW's first show and... WOW! What a promo!

Holla! Holla! MCW's got their first show up, and it's pretty darn good.

clicky clicky

It may be only three matches long, but they go a long way setting up a direction for the company, especially with the end angle. Good strong show, and hopefully this is the first step towards growing their roster.

And a link for this week...


Seriously... this is one tremendous promo. Everyone has been talking about YYJ, including myself and rightfully so, but he's got some competition this week. Katz said that Jason found his voice with this promo and character direction. I'd have to agree. Hopefully he keeps up the good work, because the stronger the chase for the ULTRATITLE is, the stronger the person who finally does win it looks, and the better it is for the hobby overall.

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Joshua C. Ray said...

Jason Payne's promo WAS really good. It's the kind of thing you know just flowed right out of the handler, making the character's promo really nice.